I Just #CantHelpMySelfie

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There’s currently an uncomfortably large picture of me in the window of French Connection in Newcastle. It’s not the most attractive picture I’ve ever taken and it’ll be appearing with a few equally massive snaps of other people until next Tuesday I believe. Hundreds of people will have…

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Updating the Diary Again

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These dark nights are a-creeping back in and the mornings’ sunrises are getting decidedly later. Hello Autumn, you hideously disappointing season, you. I’m back to considering hibernation and will need some new pretty things, and plenty of social engagements, with which to distract myself from the miserable cold…

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Luxurious Leather

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I’m currently absolutely BESOTTED with the Muubaa leather jackets. Dying to own one. Is it too early to start my Christmas list? This year’s list will certainly be featuring some beautiful Muubaa pieces, that’s for sure. Right at the top. Well, maybe second. Bearing in…

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