Recharging by the Sea

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Sometimes you just need to spend a weekend being yourself. That sounds weird but we’re so many different people all the time without even trying. We’re loving girlfriends, thoughtful daughters, good employees, colleagues, friends, tenants, sisters, step-mothers, agony aunts and shoulders to cry on… and…

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Lunch in London

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Fighting my way through the sweaty masses on the underground of our capital city on a hot August day to meet my sister for a whirlwind of lunch, cocktails, coffee, cake, shopping and selfies all crammed into a few hours; Not everyone’s idea of a…

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It’s been a while since I’ve written on here. Logging in and seeing old posts I wrote way-back-when has brought back too many memories and it’s been a little painful. I reckon anyone with any sense of self-preservation would agree that wallowing is something you…

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