“I have been known to discuss and debate on a number of intimate (perhaps mundane) subjects, from where I ate dinner last night to the eyeliner I’m currently favouring above all others.”

This is not because I think my life’s especially better than yours. I just like to write, and to over-share apparently, particularly after a few glasses of wine.

I’m actually relatively ordinary. For those who are interested, I’m in my late-twenties and my favourite things are eating, travelling, talking about eating or travelling, and my cat – though he rarely gets involved in the eating or the travelling.

I cannot profess to know much of anything about make up and fashion as I’m far from an expert.

I’m merely a girl who is trying things in much the same way everyone else is. As for food and culture, I can only write about what I liked and what I didn’t. These are my (sometimes fleeting) opinions and this is just me documenting my experiences and life as it happens.

This is a PR friendly site. You can contact me here. Having said that, I’m pickier than ever, as accepting ‘freebies’ in exchange for work has always felt a bit grubby if I’m honest. Please note that I will turn down anything I don’t think is relevant or a good fit for sarahbosson.com.

Any sponsored posts would be clearly disclosed and all photographs you see are taken by me unless otherwise stated. Obviously I do not have immediate access to everything I write about, and am therefore unable to photograph certain things myself, so sometimes I have to google an image but wherever possible these will be linked, referenced and from the brand’s own photo stock.

As I said before, it’s important to remember that these posts are based on my own thoughts and judgements and are definitely not a substitute for professional advice. If you should happen to have a terrible experience whilst using a product or item that I wrote positively about then please bear in mind that everyone is entitled to their opinion. What I loved, you may think is a complete disaster and hey, that’s okay.

All views are my own. Honestly, I’m a terrible liar.