As you know I’m usually all about the Burberry or the Barbour but I have to admit, at the moment, Primark are nailing it with their offerings of summer-to-autumn-to-winter transitional outerwear. I got the two garms shown in the snaps below for a steal (£20 and £25 respectively) and have been throwing them on over tshirts, shirts, polo necks, jumpers… Whatever the day’s weather requires.

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Bag – Chloe ‘Paraty’  |  Boots – Dune  |  Coat – Primark (duh)

This suede effect duster (£25) is the perfect day to evening, summer to autumn coat. It’s classy, looks far more All Saints than Primark, and isn’t took thick and warm but it covers all the right places. It also came in a variety of appealing colours – so much so that I couldn’t decide which one to go for. The logic behind picking this lovely but perhaps impractical shade was that if it gets dirty, and the suede looks awful in a month or so, it won’t matter too much because it was from Primark, not Reiss.

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primark autumn fashion coat blogger style

The over-sized blazer (£20) is so similar to the boxy Zara one everyone’s raving about at the mo that I defy anyone to tell the difference from a reasonable personal-space distance. It has lovely long sleeves which cover my hands in a very pleasant way, without actually looking like I’ve stolen someone else’s jacket. It’s also big enough to conceal an 8 month baby bump. Bonus. It turns out a lot of maternity clothes are depressingly… mumsy. And expensive for something which only fits for a small window of time. So I’ve basically just been buying loose things and larger versions of my current clothes from H&M and Primark so that I won’t get attached, or mind chucking them out afterwards.

They were current purchases so if you also like what you see then get yourselves down to Primark and pick up some of these lovely layers before they all sell out. 10/10. Would recommend.

blazer oversized Zara dupe primark autumn fashion coat
blazer oversized Zara dupe primark autumn fashion coat blogger style

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