Last week, on a sunny Saturday morning, I put the roof down on the Sarah Mobile and headed up the coast to meet my friend, Kim, who dwells in Whitley Bay and is very passionate about the coast and it’s surrounding areas. We’d decided we urgently needed to check out a new gaff, Kith & Kin, on their first week of opening. We were not disappointed.

Firstly, the decor. Totally my kind of thing. Any of you that have been in my house will know what I mean. The inside of K&K is like a cross between my old house and my current house. I like it, a lot. High ceilings, cornicing, greys, wood, Eames style chairs, and lots of big windows for light too. So far, so funky.

The friendliness of the staff was another plus point. When we first arrived it was pretty busy and the last table was just sitting down. The staff were super nice about us lurking in the way, and more than happy for us to wait for a table if we were okay hanging on. They then gave us a heads up when a table was about to become available so we could stealth in and claim it before anyone else did.

The menu was the next exciting part of the visit. I’ve dropped a quick snap of it below so you can read it in all it’s glory. We all know I like brunch. It’s a great example of a nice, varied, not-your-average brunch menu and we simply couldn’t make our minds up. In the end we settled on the Shakshuka (moi) and The Aussie (Kimbo). I also had a white hot chocolate made of huge white buttons, topped with melty mini marshmallows. It’s all pretty healthy (apart from the hot chocolate, I guess) but tasty stuff. It reminded me a little of the ever-changing menu at Flat White – the only thing that was missing would’ve been the amazing ricotta pancakes with fruit and maple syrup that I can’t resist whenever I go to Durham.

When the food arrived it was perfection. Beautifully presented and so colourful. Kudos to the chef. My Shakshuka was really spicy and rich. I ran out of bread almost immediately but I guess bread can’t go on forever or I wouldn’t have been able to move by the time I was finished.

Not that I was exactly up for a jog around the block by the time we were done…

Thanks to Kith & Kin for being so welcoming and letting us take photos of our food like we’d never seen a plate of breakfast before. Nowt about this review was sponsored – we just had a really nice brunch date.

They don’t yet have a website but if you want drool over their food and/or decor you can find the official Kith & Kin Instagram account here.

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