Some might say that grey is not a very springlike colour. But what do those people know?

I like grey at all times of the year. And I think that a nice pale grey is a lovely springtime colour. Let’s consider the evidence:

  • I am comparing it to my usual choices of rouge noir, midnight blue and dark stormy grey. In comparison pale grey is very springlike.
  • Grey is the colour of the sky in spring. Like, for real, the sky is rarely actually nice and blue is spring in England is it? That’s not even just me being gloomy. It’s a fact.
  • Because the name of one of my favourite pale grey polishes is Dafodile (by Christian Louboutin) which makes me think of daffodils when I wear it. Even though it isn’t yellow.
  • Grey is the colour of lambs and bunnies and ducklings. Very spring-like.
  • Grey is… okay, I’m clutching at straws now. That last point was rubbish.

Harking back to that Louboutin one brings me to the point of this post. I’ve written about the Loub nail varnishes before but I still love them. I find them so easy to paint with ‘cos of the ridiculously long spike, ‘heel’ brush (modelled on the tallest pair of shoes he ever made) that makes you feel like you’re using a paint brush.

The formula is flawless, dries relatively quickly and seems to be practically self-leveling.

And it makes a task I hate, giving myself a manicure, feel impossibly decadent. If you don’t already own one of the Loub shades you can grab yourself a bottle here.

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