In my house we like coffee. But that’s where the easy cohabiting ends.
How we like our coffee divides us into two camps; the half who can be arsed to grind beans every morning and actually knows how to use the new scary coffee machine, and the half who quite likes it when sweet, creamy lattes come out of a pod and is still lamenting the death of our old Dolce Gusto machine.
One of us prefers Nero, gets their order “extra hot, extra shot” and is a total coffee-snob, and the other likes Starbucks. Because syrup.

I’m the lament-y and Starbz one.

I do like good coffee, it’s one of the many reasons I love Paris so much, but I also reeeally like the convenience of being able to push a button and have a latte. Or a cappuccino. Or a mocha. I’m happy with a pot of a dark roast instant at 7am, preferably supped in bed.
My other half however prefers to buy all different kinds of beans and terrify the cat first thing in the morning by grinding them up in the worlds noisiest grinding machine.

When our old penguin (the name we affectionately gave the Dolce Gusto) spat out its last espresso I, in my grieving state, assumed we’d pop over to Currys and replace it with an equally cute and friendly pod-eater. I flirted with the idea of buying a more grown up looking Nespresso machine but, before I’d even made a decision, the boyfriend came home with some snazzy monstrosity that cost ten times the price of a penguin, but apparently makes a better mug o’joe. It’s been 3 years now and I still have no idea how to use this beast and as such have reverted sulkily back to my jar of instant. We remain at loggerheads when it comes to our caffeine-fix preferences.

With this rivalry continuing I thought I’d challenge the boyfriend and put my newfound skillz to the test by recreating some of the cocktails we had at the Coffee With Currys networking event last week. Currys threw a Nespresso party at Revs last Thursday to celebrate National Coffee Week (how have we never heard of this??) and Joe Blogs invited a pile of bloggers down to sup some coffee themed cocktails, have a go at butchering making some ourselves and do a bit of handy networking. I hadn’t been to Revolution since the relaunch at the beginning of 2014 so it was nice to pop down on a sunny evening and have a go at making a sticky mess behind the bar and sample the new Revs coffee cocktails. Whilst my other half was at home, watching the general election broadcasts and not drinking coffee cocktails.

One thing we DO have in common is a love of a good spirit or several. Our alcohol cupboard is well-stocked to say the least. He was therefore enthusiastic about having the chance to show off his prowess as a mixologist and I was eager to demonstrate how much learning I actually do at these events. Except that, after a few drinks, my memory was a bit hazy…

The recipe for this classic but delicious Espresso Martini is as follows:

1 x Coffee liqueur shot (We used Kahlúa)
1 x Stoli vanilla vodka shot
1 x Regular shot of coffee
1 x Gomme syrup shot

Add all the ingredients into a mixing glass.
Shake hard for 10-12 seconds.
Use a strainer to pour your drink into a Martini glass.

And then, because my other half wanted to involve his honey Jim Beam, we tried the Honey Bee:

2 x Jack Daniel’s Honey OR if, like us, you only have JB, that’ll do too
1 x Gomme syrup shot
100 ml Espresso
A Dollop of single cream
A Dollop of whipped cream

Again, add all ingredients into a mixing beaker.
More shaking for 10-12 seconds.
More using a strainer to pour your drink into a jam jar (or more normal glass).
Toast to your success and sample the fruits of your labour.

You will note that we only have one cocktail shaker so we could not do the fancy pouring that Josh at Revs showed Carly how to do, and you’ll also note the glasses don’t match ‘cos I smashed the other martini glass, flailing my arms around, telling a dramatic story last year so he’s using a margarita glass. Of which we have plenty (olé!). While our efforts tasted divine we could probably do with some work on not-spilling-some and the presentation. Which, if you ask me, seems like the perfect excuse to make some more.

The Coffee With Currys event has rekindled my love for the pod machines and I’m now thinking I might have to head down to Currys and get a new penguin anyway. I’ll resist sabotaging our (his) current espresso maker though – I reckon the kitchen’s probably big enough to handle side by side, his ‘n’ hers machines. We’ll be That couple.

Thanks to Joe Blogs and Currys for the invitation. I had a lovely chatty night.
Most of these snaps are mine but the one of the back of my head was clearly not taken by me so thanks to JB for that one.
The recipes above were obviously not mine so for these and other boozey coffee recipes see here.

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