Summer is so close I can almost smell it. But that could be because I’ve just fallen off a plane from the Cape Verde islands, all tanned, relaxed and only slightly burnt. You know how it is; you get invited to book some last minute flights to a West African paradise and can’t say no so instead you bankrupt yourself for the foreseeable future. Sometimes you’ve just got to take the opportunities life hands you, right? And, FYI, the island of Boa Vista is beaut. Note how picture-heavy this post is. I couldn’t whittle it down. I took almost as many snaps as I did in The Maldives.

One of the perks of being on holiday is being able to wear hardly any clothes, no make up and embrace the beachy hair look. Even if you’re not going away it’s the one style staple that year after year never goes out of fashion. Luckily you can totally get that summer look in a bottle. While we were away we sampled the Bumble and bumble Surf collection – the Foam Wash shampoo, the Creme Rinse conditioner and, of course, the Surf Spray.

The famous Surf Spray was the product that started the collection and the bottle reckons it’s just what we need “for sexy beachy, windswept styles”. SOLD! Excellent for lazy people who want effortless texture that will look halfway decent in any weather and on any continent.

Having given it a whirl I can confirm that the effect is indeed a lifted and fuller barnet and the spray seems to work extremely well on my type of hair. It’s long and heavy, and naturally straightish but with a fair bit of texture to it. If I twist it whilst it’s drying it will curl and if I don’t it lies shaggily around my shoulders and down my back so a bit of salt spray really adds a natural beachy style, which is basically my go-to style most of the year anyway.
(See below for blustery hair-in-motion shots.)

I’d be interested to see how it holds up back in The Real World i.e. not on an island off West Africa but alas now that we’re home I haven’t been using the products as I was sampling this trio of delights thanks to a one Hannah Layford, my roomie and haircare pal for the trip who had recently been sent the products.

I’m no stranger to salt sprays and the like. I had noticed everyone and their cat raving about the Bumble and bumble spray last year but I stuck with my Alterna Bamboo Summer Ocean Waves one. So how does this compare? Well the Bumble one’s a nicer product, I must say. They’re similar but this has the edge. It is probably better used on wet hair I’d say but I haven’t had much of a chance to try it on dry hair. I will say that there’s not much lasting hold there. The blurb tells me there should be texture and volume and hold but I’d say if you want to beachy your hair up and then set it to stay that way you’d need a quick blast of hairspray to maintain the look.

I liked the scent of the shampoo and conditioner but didn’t find it lingered for very long once my hair was dry. The shampoo needed a good amount to lather into all of my hair (I’ve got pretty long hair) but the conditioner felt lovely and soft straight away and I didn’t need too much of that to get it all silky. I tend to just condition the ends of my hair anyway. It’s worth noting that using all three products together helps achieve a better, more textured and lifted look. You may need to re-mortgage your house/not go on crazy last minute holidays in order to afford the whole collection though as these products retail at between £18.50 and £20.50 each.

The packaging, as you can see, makes the stuff look like bottled summer. It’s right at home on the sand at Cabo Cabral (see the above snaps). Even though if anyone had seen us photographing shampoo on the beach we’d have looked mental. Such is the wild life of a blogger.

These products were sent to a good friend of mine for review purposes so I was certainly in no way obligated to write about ’em. I just enjoyed using them. Good old fashioned reviewing at it’s best! All opinions are my own and entirely made up of glorious truths.
Oh and yes, I am now butchering Shakespeare for post titles. What of it?

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  • Hannah says:

    haha well I can confirm they work just as well in Newcastle.. if you want to pretend you’re on a beach still you’re more than welcome to shower at mine and air-dry on the balcony. Your photos are reminding me how much I wish I was there right now.. and how badly I still need to go through my shots!

    Hannah xx

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