Although I like to keep an eye on the trends and what’s currently going in and out of fashion my personal style is probably more plain and I’m drawn to classic pieces. This is largely because I’m not made of money and my priorities are generally
1. Food,
2. Travelling to places that aren’t England and then
3. Inanimate objects like clothes, home furnishings, bags, beauty products etc. Bottom of the list.

So when I’m buying a new item for my wardrobe I have to make sure it’ll go with pretty much anything else I own. This Saturday out-and-about outfit is a perfect example of that ethos.

To begin with jeans are a given. Blue jeans in particular. So far so standard. The shape and style may change over the years as dictated by Vogue but jeans will never really go out of fashion and they’re certainly a staple in my book.Β One might say “boring” but I’d hope you lot are nicer than that.
Black Chelsea ankle boots are another day to day failsafe. Whether it be jeans, leather trews, skirts, tights, dresses you’ll be hard pushed to find an outfit that you can’t complete by shoving your feet into a pair of black boots. I’m definitely a boots girl and I have several pairs of various styles and lengths of black suede boots. I like to think that means I’m ready for anything, rather than just suggesting I’m a bit boots crazy. Yep.
The light soft white shirt was from H&M last year and I wore it all summer until it it too cold and then I wore it in Paris, Dubai and Singapore. Now it’s spring again I am absolutely bringing it back out of my wardrobe and no doubt it’ll be a regular feature in the coming months.

This kind of outfit is easy to throw a faithful and slouchy leather jacket over to keep out the chill that’s still in the air and, since I pretty much wear this Muubaa biker jacket with EVERYTHING anyway it was a no-brainer. As for the other leather accessories; the wrap around double cuff is from Mulberry and I haven’t yet found an outfit that I can’t use this to add a bit of rock chic to. The bag is my little Rebecca Minkoff Mini Moto Mac in black Saffiano leather. It’s small but it fits an impressive amount of junk in it. Considering my recent What’s in My Bag post where I divulged exactly how much shit I stagger around with each day I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not but it’s great to have a sturdy little grab bag next to the front door.

Sunglasses – Prada
Hair – My own. Freshly washed. Cut by Savannah.
Shirt – H&M
Leather biker jacket – Muubaa
Jeans – H&M
Mini Hudson Moto bag – Rebecca Minkoff
Boots – Primark(!) and a total bargain.

Finally you may note that my head is on these photos, courtesy of Hannah Layford. I don’t often do outfit posts but I was considering upping my game. I wasn’t sure whether or not to leave the heads on for a change, and then was in two minds as to whether or not to address the subject. So let me know in the comments; heads on or heads off, like in previous posts? Maybe then I’ll do more of these in future. Or maybe I’ll wimp out, I’ll decide I don’t need my face all over the site and… not.

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