Project New House has been somewhat derailed by my irresponsible attitude towards money and my urge to travel to places far, far away. No sooner have I returned from Singapore and I’m booking last minute flights to disappear off to Boa Vista with the girls in a couple of weeks. This does mean that funds are a little low at the moment for the renovations but at least we now have most of the house liveable and two rooms totally finished.
So, without too much waffle and any further ado, allow me to take you on a mini tour of our master bedroom.

The walls are pale grey again; Dulux ‘White Mist’ to be specific, which is the same paint as the living room. The ceiling is a pale teal which I thought added a little something different to an otherwise grey room. Not that that’s usually something I’d be avoiding.
This room is similar to the master bedroom in our old house, but slightly smaller and without the enormous wall of built in wardrobes and storage so we’ve had to buy some huge wardrobes and, in fact, most of the bedroom furniture. This is mostly from the Ikea Hemnes range which I felt suited my our style in as cheap and cheerful a way as possible. Eventually we might get around to replacing the Ikea stuff with nice solid one-off type pieces but it really wasn’t necessary right now. If there’s one thing Ikea do well it’s decent storage in a hurry. The wardrobes are from the Pax range so we can fill them with all the cool extras, drawers and shoe racks etc. We added the doors and drilled some holes for the handles to give the impression that they match the rest of the furniture. Our kingsize bed isn’t new and I can’t actually remember where it’s from. The bed covers are Ikea again, although I have my eye on a set from The White Company, and the silk cushion covers were from Thailand a few years ago.

It feels good to have a sanctuary to come home to at the end of a longer day and I love waking up in this room – it’s so sunny and warm and the high ceilings cheer me right up.

The only downside is that I’m spending far too long in bed writing blog posts and drinking coffee on Sunday mornings. Like today. It’s nearly 9am, I can see blue sky peeping through the sides of the blinds, I have coffee in bed and the internet at my fingertips, and I feel very zen about life right now. I may never move again.

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  • Hannah says:

    it’s really coming together! I can’t wait to see the finished thing. Good to have you back B 🙂 xx

  • Rae says:

    Wow that crown moulding on the ceiling is absolutely beautiful, and I totally understand the constant struggle between spending your disposable income on travel or interior design. Although I really want to freshen up the look of my flat, travel has currently taken priority for the time being!

    Rae | love from berlin

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