Allow me to set the scene. As I write this I’m sitting on my sofa, my feet tucked up under me, in my new living room. I’m sipping a glass of homemade sloe gin and ice. There’s a big pan of beef rendang bubbling away in the enormous new kitchen next door, Maleficent is on the TV and there’s a large white ‘Fireside Treats’ Yankee Candle burning on the coffee table. It’s bitterly cold outside and I can hear the wind whipping around the house but I’m warm and content in here and, now that it’s all finally settling a little, I feel like I’ve finally got some time to reflect on just how busy the last few weeks have been.

In case you weren’t aware, I’ve moved house. Before Christmas we were settled, if a little squashed, in our little old house. Then suddenly an opportunity for negotiations came up for a near-perfect and much larger property and we threw ourselves into a move. So, to add to the costs of Christmas, two birthdays and two upcoming holidays, we were suddenly relocating and doing some pretty hefty decorating.
Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not complaining. It’s pretty much all my own doing anyway. I like a project. I will always pick a house that has the space and the features I want but isn’t yet a home and needs a lot of ‘attention’ over one that’s been all done up but to someone else’s standards. When it’s all fundamentally in the right place but you need to fix things up, that’s when you get the best opportunity to put your stamp on a place. The aforementioned negotiations involved us offering to do the place up in exchange for a dramatic reduction in rent so we’re going to be doing plenty of DIY for the next few months.

I’m excited. In a creative way that I haven’t been in a while. I’m looking forward to spending a fair bit of time painting, sprucing up, rewiring new light fittings, cleaning, arranging, redoing grout and sealant, re-glossing fireplaces and hearths, picking new tiles, laying new carpet, sprucing up floorboards and just generally showing an old house a little love.
And, OF COURSE, painting everything grey.

Thus far I’ve had a couple of issues, par exemple attempting to paint the main bathroom and not foreseeing that I (or anyone else for that matter) would be able to reach the very top of the ridiculously high walls. That’s Georgian houses for you. So we do in fact currently have an ALMOST painted bathroom. Almost.
(Which reminds me; I need to price up new ladders.)

Hopefully other areas of Project New House will run a bit smoother. At least I should have new ladders by then. The next room on my radar is the kitchen. I have BIG plans. The kitchen needs a pretty grand makeover, buckets of white paint and a lot of new tiles – because the current ones really offend my face.
Then next up I reckon I’ll focus on the hallway and the replacement of the stair carpet. All four flights of stairs. *whimper* In the meantime I’ll be painting the walls pale grey (obviously) and keeping an eye out for a chandelier of sorts to put in place of the awful one that’s currently up and desperately needs to be gone. Now.

So there will probably be a few interior type posts cropping up over the next few months as I conquer this big old house one room at a time. If that’s not your thing that’s cool. Just wait it out and no doubt we’ll spare some pennies for eating out again and whatnot soon.

For now I bring you photos from the living room. Just a few glimpses to give you the idea. This is the first room we’ve succeeded in revamping and redecorating. The carpet was down when we moved in but has been Vax-ed to within an inch of it’s little carpet life. The massive marble fireplace was also already here but the room was very yellow and brown so out came the brushes and rollers and, a couple of tins of Dulux ‘White Mist’ later, we have a pale grey sanctuary fit for a.. um… me. The sofa is our old custom-made one from Next, the coffee table is from Dwell, the TV bench is an Ikea bargain and the details on the lamp and smaller decorative items are mainly all here. Eventually I want to wall-mount the TV above the fireplace in place of the mirror and replace this old corner sofa with two huge grey fabric chesterfields either side of the coffee table but that will definitely have to wait! For now at least I have one completed room I can relax in at the end of a long day of work and DIY. With a glass of wine. Or two. Or three.





It’s a struggle to get any straight pictures because, as with most old houses, literally NOTHING is straight so to line up the shelves the wall was wonky, and if I line up the sofa then the windows are drunk so you’ll have to ignore the lopsided photos I’m afraid.



And one outtake because the cat has to get his stupid furry face into everything



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