Bloggers like a good cupcake. It’s a well known fact. It’s a blogging cliché, like cats and gin, and one I’m certainly on-board with.
I must confess I don’t watch the Great British Baker or whatever it’s called, but mainly because I can’t stand the hunger it would provoke. I’m more of an eater than a baker.

One show I did watch a couple of years ago was Cake Boss. A tasty little programme about Buddy, a cake chef with a busy bakery in New York. He makes the most ridonkulous speciality cakes to order, as well as selling the usual cupcake-y suspects in his shop each day, wielding his amazing cake talent whilst arguing with his italian-american family. Although apparently now we can all do the cake part. Talent or no talent.
Move over then, Buddy. I’ll take it from here. Or more precisely the lovely Juliet Sear will.



Juliet has been baking up a storm for the past 16years and owns her own bakery dahn sahf in Essex called Fancy Nancy, who supply Harvey Nichols and Fortnum & Mason, but most recently she’s joined forces with Buddy as he’s brought out a range of cake decorating tools that make the whole process practically fool-proof.

I met Juliet a couple of weeks ago as Fenwick had invited us down to try decorating some cakes with the pro. Juliet showed us exactly how simple the various tools are to use and demonstrated a few techniques, like the one below which she used when making Alexa Chung’s birthday cake earlier this year. Some utterly casual name-dropping there. Why the devil not.





You can find all of the Cake Boss products on offer now in the basement of Fenwick, in a big display in the middle of their kitchenware section, so if you’ve still got some panic Christmas present buying to do check that out. I received a big bag of a selection of the products and tools so I’ll maybe do a follow up post when I actually get a chance to bake something, probably once we’re all moved into the new house, and I’ll be able to test them all out. Seems as good an excuse as any. Not that I need an excuse to eat MORE cake.



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