I’m currently sporting the most expensive nail varnish that has ever graced the tips of my fingers; the legendary ‘Rouge Louboutin’. And it comes as no surprise that I’m pretty in love with it.

If you’ve been following me a while you may remember back in April 2013 when I reported on the bombshell that Christian Louboutin, famed shoe artiste and foot torturer, was branching out and launching a range of cosmetics and whatnot. Well, today one of these products landed in my lap which means that this has now happened. We are living it. Welcome to the future. It’s extremely sexy.

The first release, back in August, was OF COURSE the most beautiful, timeless red. Kind of a no-brainer if you ask me. A complete classic, ‘Rouge Louboutin’ is the shade that inspired Loub’s signature look. It’s incredibly glossy, hard-wearing and the exact match for your red soles. As the story goes Christian (sorry, Mr Louboutin, sir) was working in his studio one day many moons ago and he needed a finishing touch for a prototype shoe. He grabbed the nail polish his assistant was using to give herself a manicure and painted the soles with the now-signature red shade. In the words of the great man/mad genius himself, he’s begun by using his new line to give “back to nails what the shoe took many years ago.” Bonkers? Or brilliant?

The packaging and bottle is insane. Decadent, enchanting and stupidly impractical. Exactly what one would expect from a man who once designed a shoe with an 8 inch heel. In fact he’s paid homage to that here too as the Ballerina Ultima shoe had a heel the same height as the spike on the lid of the bottle in front of me. It would seem that with his new beauty range, as with his shoe designs, practicality is not on Christian Louboutin’s agenda. Theatrical and over the top maybe, but not practical. The long spike is supposed to lend itself to a luxurious nail painting experience, inspired by calligraphy. And I must admit it’s much easier to use than it would first appear. It does rather feel like you’re using an ink quill and pen. The bottle itself is a weighty glass bottle that wouldn’t look out of place on a Disney-esque evil queen’s dressing table. Maleficent would be proud. And the good news is she’d not be disappointed by a shoddy finish either. The formula is dreamy. I’m happy to confirm it’s incredibly glossy, takes some effort to chip and glides on thick. The snap above of my fair hand was taken the day after and with an application of only one coat. Impressive.

But wait, there’s more. With September came a massive expansion of the range which now includes 30 new polishes. These fall into the 3 new ranges; Nudes, Noirs and Pops.
Currently the Louboutin Beauté nail lacquers are not the easiest product to find as there are very few places actually stocking them but, for £37, you can grab yourself a bottle from Sephora, who now deliver to the UK, or the official Louboutin site. Now I just need a new pair of Ron Ron’s to go with my pedicure…

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