Remember all those times I’ve told you how lazy I am when it comes to skincare? Well good news everybody! (Professor Farnsworth voice) I’ve found another enabling product! You can all thank me later. Preferably by buying me a drink.

The Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner from Lush is basically an in-shower moisturiser. You use it as you would use hair conditioner. So once you’re clean and you’ve done everything you need to do you scoop a fistful out of the tub and rub it all over your body while your skin’s still wet. Wait a blink and then wash it off. You will note that even though you are now clean and non-greasy you can still feel the oils on your skin. This is a good thing as they will continue to sink in long after you’ve dried yourself off and left the bathroom. Ro’s is made of cocoa, shea and cuoaçu butters and argan, brazil nut and almond oils which are apparently rich in anti-ageing vitamin E and essential fatty acids to sort your skin right out and leave it smelling of roses. I don’t know about any of that but I can tell you that this product leaves my skin SO soft. The fact that it’s a super lazy product is, in this case, just a bonus to be honest.


The two downsides for me are the cost; as with most Lush products you’ll pay a good £15.95 for a tub. You’ll use it sparingly but it still feels ridonkulously decadent.
Secondly the scent. Except that I don’t hate it as much as I thought I would. I don’t like rose scented things as a rule so I was more than a smidge apprehensive, but this isn’t so bad. I just don’t actively love it. And people who have smelled this on my skin (it lasts all bloody day) have said they do like the smell so maybe it’s just me. It’s certainly a very rich, creamy, luxurious scent so that, coupled with the longevity, and the effects it has on my skin, sit quite comfortably with the price tag. I’m certainly recommending you go treat yourself to a tub. After you’ve bought me that drink, yeah?


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