Summer Showers feat. The Body Shop

Well, the weather in August thus far has been fairly weak. I’ve had to find new ways to make myself feel summery including, but not limited to, planning tropical holidays, drinking cocktails with little umbrellas in, driving around with the car’s heating on full blast and trialling The Body Shop’s Mango Body Sorbet and Vitamin C skincare range. This last one arrived on my doorstep just as the weather changed for the worse so I figured it might be just the thing to sort out my skin and chase away those rainy day blues.

Let’s start with the not-so-good stuff. In all honesty I wasn’t mad keen on the Vitamin C products. Which is unusual for me and I had expected to like them a lot.
I think I’ve mentioned before that I hate to love facial spritzes and the Body Shop’s effort is no different. It’s a quick freshener-upperer, a light toner and a boost of Vitamin C for your lovely face. Other than that these products do virtually nothing, but they’re so nice. You get a pleasant waft of a scent and a (very) momentary fresh feeling on your face. It’s all placebo baby. The scent of this particular product is a fake orangey one which I know my mum will love but I’m not too fussed on. As a child I ate a whole packet of orange Opal Fruits, on a hot day, at the beginning of a long car journey and, because that’s not the wisest decision, I threw up all over the place just before we arrived at our destination. True (and completely gross) story. Even now the smell of sweet, fake orange stuff makes me feel a bit green. If you didn’t do anything as ridiculous as that when you were about 5 then you’ll probably really like the smell of this. It’s definitely a wake-me-up, summery smell. It doesn’t seem to do a great deal else to be honest and I prefer some of my other sprays but it’s a nice highstreet alternative.

The best selling Weekly Microdermabrasion from the same Vit C range is a bit more useful. Everyone needs a good exfoliant. I’ve mentioned before that I really like the Dermalogica Microfoliant  but is the Body Shop one good enough to sway me? In short no, but this is really only because of the scent again. If it had been tiny bit more citrus and less sweet I’d have been totally on-board. I will say it’s less offensive than the spray. As a product I liked it much more. It does a noticeable job for starters. First impressions were good too. Although it says on the front it’s for ‘dull’ skin. I beg your pardon? Nothing about me is dull, I’m sure, but I’ve tried it out anyway. For the good of the nation. I can’t say I noticed any massive difference from this either but then again it has only been a fortnight and it’s a weekly ‘home-spa’  treatment so the maths on that means I’ve only used it twice so far and should maybe not be expecting any miracles. I mean, it certainly works as an exfoliator – getting the dead skin cells (URGH) off and that. It did leave my skin feeling soft and clean which is nice, but because it says to be used no more than twice a week I did cave and go back to my Dermalogica one the next day. To be honest they give a similar result and it was nice to be using a product with a more traditional texture, rather than a powder. It’s considerably cheaper than the Dermalogica version and would also last longer if you managed to limit yourself to twice a week.

The Body Sorbets are still fairly new. They come in a variety of flavours but I have the Mango one. An excellent choice as I really like Mango. It’s a scent that invokes major summer holiday flashbacks. It lingers too. I applied it this morning and could still smell it at work later. It leaves my skin lovely and soft and absorbs really quickly and without leaving any slimy residue or greasiness. Tick, tick, tick. I’m not sure that it would be moisturising enough in winter when the weather’s harsher but for summer it’s a great product. Apparently the selling point is the fact that it contains millions of micro bead-like things which melt into the skin and provide a cooling sensation. The Body Shop website suggests sticking it in the fridge for a bit before using it “for an even more refreshing moisture sensation“.
Er… no? I’m just not that masochistic. Maybe if I was using it as an after sun or in Dubai this would be worth a try but in England that just seems crazy. I might give it a whirl next time I travel and let you know how that works out. Then again *shivers* maybe not.

Disclaimer alert: These products were sent to me for review purposes. Isn’t that nice? However, you can be sure that the subsequent review was entirely truthful and not in any way biased. Fortunately for you, I’m just not that kind of girl.

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