I know I’m usually all pathetic and grumpy about the English weather (much like everyone else) but actually this summer we’ve had some pretty good days. It’s been fan-bloody-tastic. Perfect long, blue-sky days for sitting around outside drinking wine for mealtimes, days for setting your tech up al fresco and using the garden as an office, days for donning some ill-fitting leathers and going on fast rides up into Northumberland on the back of a friend’s bike and days for getting your legs out in a fabulous array of shorts, skirts and dresses.

This last one has been a particular highlight as I’ve still not managed to get any further than Paris so far this year so it’s been beyond glorious to be able to wear summery clothes and skip out of the door and around the city without so much as a backward glance at my coat. Bliss. It’s with this in mind that I bought about a billion (okay… 5, maybe 6) pairs of shorts last month. This isn’t something I can usually get away with in the Northeast. Especially down on the Quayside where the wind always seems to pick up a bit.

The majority of the pieces that make up the outfit in these snaps (taken by the lahvly Hannah Layford a few weeks ago) is from H&M, which seems to have happened a lot recently. It appears that at the moment I am LOVING your work H&M. Good job.

Chunky chain necklace – Topshop
Black roll sleeve tshirt – New Look
White tux blazer – H&M
Black and white patterned ‘smart’ shorts – H&M
Black Large Selma Saffiano tote bag – Michael Kors
Bracelets – assorted old rubbish that I wear most days
Sterling silver ring – Tiffany & Co

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