It’s been a while since I wrote anything on here that could possibly be considered under the header ‘Design’ so this weekend, after finally replacing the old floor lamp that got damaged in the old house, I thought it was about time I did an interiors update post.

The below collection of snaps is a sort of jigsaw of my current living room. I thought lots of little focus points was preferable to one big awkward shot of the room as a whole. The walls are a very pale grey called White Mist by Dulux. We painted this room and the hallway the day we got the keys (Christ, has that been over two years already?) but before we moved our furniture in. The sofa is from Next. We had it made for the room but I can’t remember what the colour of the fabric was called. The cushions are mainly H&M, the rug was B&Q and the little odd ornaments and whatnot are things we’ve collected on our travels. The cat is mine. He’s real, I promise.

20140803-042915 pm-59355211.jpg

20140803-042913 pm-59353662.jpg

All the photographs in the frames are taken by us (mainly me because I’m a control freak), except that one at the top which is a very old picture of my grandparents when they were young. All the chunky black frames are just IKEA but the wooden ones are from Thailand, Singapore, and the Maldives.
The floor lamp in question was a bit of a mission purely because I knew what I wanted but didn’t want to pay £200 for it, which is how much everyone seemed to want. Cray. In the end the base was one I found online for £79. It’s mango wood and chrome. The shade was a chance find in the House of Frasier sale corner today. I was really struggling to find one the right colour (grey, natch) and big enough. I had bought and returned a couple from Fenwick that I thought would be right but turned out to be far too small when I brought them home. This one was on some sad little shelf, with a bit of broken lamp base firmly attached to it but I could see there was some potential there. Thankfully I was right so the search is over and the shade, massive though it is, came in at only £25 reduced from no doubt some ridiculous price. It turns out lamps are stupidly expensive.
Mr SB is hiding those wires you can see as I type, so my wire OCD (probably not an actual thing) can rest easy. I feel like I’ve won this battle. I’m content again until the next time something starts to bug me and needs replacing. For now I can finally lie back on the sofa and spend some happy time looking at my new lamp. Yes, like a crazy person. But I’m definitely okay with that.

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