There’s currently an uncomfortably large picture of me in the window of French Connection in Newcastle. It’s not the most attractive picture I’ve ever taken and it’ll be appearing with a few equally massive snaps of other people until next Tuesday I believe. Hundreds of people will have walked past it by then.

WHY do I agree to these things?

It began with a fun invitation to attend an event on Thursday night, organised by official French Connection blogger Lauren Archer (if you’ve been paying attention you’ll already be aware of Lauren’s Scran on the Tyne fame) to help launch their new #canthelpmyselfie campaign. The campaign has so far travelled through London, Manchester and now Newcastle and each launch night has gone down a storm. Though none more so than the one in our fair city. Lauren Archer: Party Expert. Hold on to this one French Connection, she’s a good’un.*20140524-031203 pm.jpg

20140524-031219 pm.jpg

20140524-031353 pm.jpg

20140524-031243 pm.jpg

I was invited to come down on the night, have my hair done by the Regis team, my face made up by the Benefit girls, choose a full outfit from the FCUK Spring/Summer and Pre-Fall ’14 collections and then pose for a series of giggly selfies in the ‘photo booth’ area. I enjoyed all of the first parts, I love being pampered and fussed over. The pink Rekorderlig was flowing, Gusto were there proffering tiny delicious canapés, cakes were spread out courtesy of the lovely girls at Pet Lamb Patisserie and DJ LKP was er… DJ-ing (and occasionally dancing) in his booth all night like a trooper. Then the awkward bit; the photos. We’re given the official French Connection F phone, shown into the F booth and I’m advised to “Just pretend you’re in a normal changing room and none of us are here.”  Yeah sure, totally normal. Hannah and I try a dry run together (see here) and then do our slightly awkward lone-selfies. Having survived and laughed our way through that potential disaster we grab another drink and relax. 15 minutes later the photos appear in the window, big and bright in the evening’s darkness. It’s strange seeing yourself in the window of a shop you walk past all the time.
Late night shoppers, drunks and passers-by began voting by pressing their palms to the buttons on the window. We may have also voted a few times ourselves before heading over to MSA, who were hosting the official after-party, for some celebratory fizz with the FC marketing team.

20140524-031311 pm.jpg

20140524-031319 pm.jpg

20140524-031338 pm.jpg

I’m lead to believe that, following the success of these three events, there are upcoming dates at other French Connection stores across the country to be announced. As with the Newcastle one, the main press/blogger evenings are on Thursday evenings and there are public drop-in events happening the following Saturdays. So if you’re happy pouting yourself silly for all the world to see you can head over the Monument French Connection store today and join in the fun. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #canthelpmyselfie on both twitter and Instagram. I’ve been tagging all over the place and reckon that it’s refreshing to see such a well-executed, relevant and interactive campaign from a big high-street brand.

Finally, if you fancy voting for me and my awkward picture here that’d be smashing, thanks in advance, or just pop over and pick your favourite of the other selfies (you traitors). Any current votes I have are probably off my mum so I’d appreciate a few non-maternal ones.

*Potentially biased opinion there.

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