Those of you who’ve been paying attention may remember a time, not so long ago, when I wished for Fat Hippo to open a place a little closer to me. Well perhaps you should all start crossing my palm with silver and call me Madam Sarah because lo and behold, a city centre venue opened this week and I was fortunate enough to be invited down ahead of the official opening to check the joint out. And obviously munch my way through a burger or two. For a change I took the boyfriend and turned it into a sort of date night. Firstly because I like him and his company pleases me, secondly because he really likes Fat Hippo burgers (he’s got excellent taste) and thirdly because I rarely take him to anything and sometimes there should probably be some perks of having your girlfriend go out and eat at restaurants and events so frequently. Taking him out for a burger this good will definitely keep him sweet for a good while.

20140329-055151 pm.jpg

The new Hippo Underground has been installed in the little warren of a venue beside Davidsons the jewellers on the end of Shakespeare St. Some of you may remember it as the recently closed Restaurant Krakow or, prior to that, the quirky but disappointing Starters & Puds. The decor has been kept roughly the same as it was in the S&P days, which is to say that the old brickwork and general charm has remained with the added perk of appropriate and obligatory burger-themed artwork. Without trying too hard the strange layout of the restaurant lends an intimate feel to your dinner, which is always nice when the food being served is enormous and oozy and likely to end up a little bit on your chin.

20140329-055159 pm.jpg 20140329-055206 pm.jpg

Thankfully the menu is pretty much the same as the original Jesmond one and, although the majority of the staff are entirely new, the friendly vibe has stayed the same. Hippo Underground is open seven days a week and on Saturdays they’ll be serving until midnight. I predict that for myself, my pals and, on weekends, my (unofficial) stepson, this will become a regular haunt and that I’ll no doubt see you all there at some point in the not too distant future. If any of you are not yet completely convinced here are some slightly dark photos of lovely, juicy burgers and a helpful link to the previous Fat Hippo review. Bon appetite burger fiends!

20140329-055222 pm.jpg

Feast your eyes on this little lot; the Fat Hippo burger, the Stinky Pete, a portion of cheesy chilli nachos and, because our eyes are bigger than our bellies, a butterscotch waffle. We also shared a bottle of Shiraz and plenty of satisfied smiles.

20140329-055238 pm.jpgThis invite was extended to me and a +1 courtesy of the Fat Hippo team, and the full menu was offered to us at a kind 50% discount off usual prices. Thankfully the food was 100% delicious.

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