A likening to ‘bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens’ seems more appropriate this time with it being FREAKING FREEZING all the sodding time. Screw you February. Seasonal rage aside, my favourite things this month are not all winter themed and depressing, which is nice. The below collection is a handful of the things that are making February bearable. These are the things that I’m currently using and/or obsessing over, much to the detriment of my bank balance.

Kerastase Ultime Elixir.

Since I started using this product I’ve noticed massive improvement in the condition and feel of my hair. It’s not snapping half as much, it’s shiny, much softer and behaves itself a bit better. The formula is light and absorbs easily and my hair isn’t left feeling greasy or weighed down by product. It also smells UHmazing. I’m using a tiny bit of this on the ends of wet hair before blow-drying each morning and if I miss a day or two I can really tell the difference. I am trying to use it sparingly though because it’s pretty pricey at around £30 a bottle.

20140228-093658 am.jpg

My New Boots.

YEAY! New boots! There is very little that makes me happier than a new pair of boots. These are from Head Over Heels by Dune so should be of decent quality and are super comfy and slouchy, and go with everything. They have the added bonus of making me look a bit like a cross between a street urchin from Oliver Twist and a pirate. Both agreeable comparisons in my opinion. They were an extremely reasonable £55 and I foresee wearing them for a long time yet.

20140228-093730 am.jpg

Lush’s BIG Shampoo.

Another hair one. Not a new product by any stretch of the imagination but one that I love. I generally forget I have a tub of this in the shower but when I spot it and scrub a dollop in I fall in lust all over again. It smells fantastic, it really feels like it’s working and cleaning, it foams easily and the chunks of salt are so satisfying. But you are left with loads of sharp shards of salt in the bottom of the shower so watch out for that. I remember the first time I tried BIG and followed it up with drying my hair upside down. I genuinely had a MANE. My hair was bloody massive and felt weightless. Magic. Cheers for that Lush, you little geniuses.

20140228-093706 am.jpg

These Assorted Products.

I’ve grouped these in together because I’ve either already written posts about them or I have something lined up (half-written) to post over the next week or so. These are the products I am using most at the moment and really enjoying using. The packaging is top notch and the products themselves are excellent quality and worth the extra dosh that some of them may cost. The exception to this being the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer which is just quite frankly doing an outstanding job, day in, day out, for around £4.

20140228-093643 am.jpg

This Guy.

Soppy and a bit bonkers, I know but I totally love this cat. Meet Faustino Mittens Bosson, or Tino for short. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll be familiar with him (and if you don’t; why not??) He’s the cuddliest, stupidest cat and he’s sleeping on my stomach as I type this so I thought he deserved a mention. He’s definitely a Favourite Thing. And he’s lovely and warm. Useful as a hot water bottle. And he let me dress him up as a bumble bee once.

20140228-094311 am.jpg

My New Purse.

I’m pretty spoilt by the boyfriend now and then. Within reason, obvs. But I’m happy to just hold my hands up and admit it, he’s mint. For Valentines, among some other more clichéd things, he gave me the black Michael Kors ‘Jetset’ purse I’d had my eye on for a while. I had picked it up and ummed and ahhed when we were last in Edinburgh but for £120 I couldn’t justify it at the time. Problem solved anyway because I now own it. Massive thanks for that.

20140228-033534 pm.jpg

This Zara Necklace.

‘Nuff said really. Look at it. Look. At. It. Though.
I’m quite a bit in love with it. At £29.99 it’s standard Zara chunky neckparty prices but the price per wear rationalising makes it justifiable. It’s still currently available if you all want to run out and buy one immediately. Just try not to wear it at the same time as me, yeah?

20140228-033526 pm.jpg

My New Notebook.

Sometimes it’s hard keeping track of all the people who need a punch in the face. Luckily someone on Etsy saw the niche in the market and filled it. Some of you will have seen me Instagram this when I got it because I think it’s fabulous. I reckon we should all have one and then we can just let go of our rage, safe in the knowledge that it’s in The Book. Or it just makes a cute desk/handbag notebook to jot down the genius ideas we come up with during the day. Either way.

20140228-034228 pm.jpg

(Starbucks Mini Waffles

These moreish and cinnamony little bastards are sustaining me as I type. I can’t stop eating them so I thought I’d include them in this list. Dip them in hot coffee so they go a bit gooey for best results.)

20140228-093722 am.jpg


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  • Hannah says:

    So in love with that necklace!! You’re making me feel like I desperately need a trip to Zara..

  • catrine says:

    this lush shampoo has gone straight on the ‘to buy’ list. i am forever looking for that full hair look that peeps seem to effortlessly have. u have some fab favs! x

    • Sarah says:

      Haha well I think so Catrine! You should definitely try BIG though, it’s a total winner and not too pricey considering. Really massage it into your head before rinsing and then rub a bit of American Cream through the tips. Scrumptious! Sx

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