A Thumbs Up For Giorgio Armani

Lipstick is not one of my usual and fluent topics of conversation so this might be a fairly short and trivial post but I wanted to drop a little compliment or two on a snazzy little product I’ve been using, without being hideously boring to the internet and all of its cats.

I very rarely wear lipstick. I’m more of a neutral, clear lip balm or moisturising Chapstick girl. I have a bright, devil red Mac ‘Toxic Tale’ one that I’ve used for Halloweens of years gone by but other than that I don’t think I had any, until Fenwick kindly sent me the Clarins one (seen here) a few months ago. Then for Christmas this year I was given Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy in the shade 403 ‘Downtown’ and have surprised myself by loving it. I must admit I’m still not wearing it a lot because I feel like adding lipstick to an outfit is kind of over-kill and I’m a bit more casual than that, but as a product it’s lovely.

20140210-025821 pm.jpg

 I always assumed lipstick would dry my lips out. From what I remember as a teenager experimenting with these things for the first time I was always left with dry cracked lips. Nowadays it’s blatantly obvious that I was doing it wrong and naively using poor quality products. The formula of Rouge Ecstasy is creamy and moisturising and feels much softer on the lips. This is apparently the future of lipsticks. The Rouge Ecstasy is the first ‘CC’ lipstick which means it softens and moisturises your lips as you wear it, like a balm would, because it’s made up of nice, kind things like shea butter. The highly pigmented colour doesn’t feel sticky or smudgy and, though the longevity isn’t great, a quick slick of Lipcote will fix that. The red packaging is classic and striking, with the Giorgio Armani logo and a snappy magnetic top to keep it secure. I guess you really do get what you pay for with this kind of thing. High-end products prove time and time again that it’s worth spending the extra dosh and indulging in a far superior product. I can certainly vouch for this particular one. Even though it’s *whispers* £27.


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