It’s been a while since I’ve written on here.

Logging in and seeing old posts I wrote way-back-when has brought back too many memories and it’s been a little painful. I reckon anyone with any sense of self-preservation would agree that wallowing is something you should always try to avoid, particularly after a break up, and I just haven’t been ready to come back to writing down my thoughts yet, or to spouting nonsense about where I ate this week, or what I wore today. I was worried about what I might want to say if I really let myself dwell on anything too deep and I couldn’t focus on any of the trivial food/fashion stuff. My head’s just not really been in it. Apologies that apparently this post is going to be a bit of naff introspective, retrospective waffle. I’ll be back on top form soon.

Looking forward, not back, has been my top priority these last few months and as such I couldn’t bear to load up the page, or scroll back too far on my Instagram account, or dredge up old albums on Facebook. That’s all stuff from a different lifetime ago now, and not something I feel like I can safely peek through yet without feeling a bit heavy hearted.

It’s safe to say that I’ve started 2016 in a very different place. Unrecognisable in almost every aspect in fact. This time last year things were relatively stable in many areas of my life, and had been for quite some time. And I’m not a person who chases or particularly enjoys drama so for me to, one by one, flip each of those aspects upside down, make a big ol’ mess and start afresh has been… Well, I wouldn’t like to do it again for a while. So now I’m busy building new bridges, new relationships, a new home, a new career, a different future. And regrowing my hair because I had it cut short in a moment of madness. It’s all keeping me pleasantly distracted but not leaving much room to run a blog.

This all sounds thoroughly melancholy and I’m okay really. It’s just funny to be back here.

Of course, there have been these other reasons that I’ve not been blogging a great deal – happier reasons. I’ve been hella busy with the aforementioned work, the new people, organising some travel for this year and with finding and moving into my new little Sarah Pad. Tino the cat and I are now just about settled into our new lifestyle and, since there’s been a bit of a life overhaul, maybe it’s about time had an overhaul too. This old site doesn’t fit too well with who I am now or where I want to go next so, I guess, cheesy though it is, watch this space…

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