January is the perfect time to give your beauty regime a bit of an overhaul. Out with the old and in with the new. It may be a little clichéd but who am I to fight tradition? You may remember last year’s skincare regime post but since then there have been some changes and I don’t think I currently use many of those products anymore, either because they ran dry and were too expensive to replace or because I’ve found better alternatives.
So here’s a peek into my newest morning skincare regime, as of January 1st 2014. I’m sure you’re all fascinated.

Step 1: Alarm goes off. I cry a bit, pull the covers over my head and murmur “Oh God please no, not yet…” at the alarm. I turn it off. Then I fall out of bed and scoop up some clothes.

Step 2: I pad through to the bathroom miserably and step into the shower that my boyfriend has thoughtfully turned on for me on his way downstairs to make the coffee. If you recall I recently happened to acquire the Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean cleanser and now use this in the shower each morning to scrub off my sleepy face whilst washing and conditioning my hair. I still occasionally alternate this for the Dermalogica Microfoliant but the Peaches and Clean leaves my skin so super mega soft and is considerably cheaper.

20140111-062942 pm.jpg

Step 3: I pad back through to the bedroom, slightly more awake but no happier about the early hour or the going-to-work-soon situation. I plonk myself down in front of my mirror to drink my coffee and stare sadly at my own face. There are usually attractive little streaks of remaining eyeliner on my cheeks. I’m trying to stop using the laaazy cleansing wipes to clean my panda eyes off each morning and instead go back to using the Bioderma Solution Micellaire. Partly because it is SO much better for my face; I really notice a difference in my skin when I’m using Bioderma, as opposed to when I’m using a cleansing wipe. But also a little bit because it’s kind of better for the environment. I didn’t come up with this revelation all on my own though. It was prompted by a strange intervention. The catalyst was being contacted by Northumbrian Water to say they fancied a bit of help with their new campaign. I know how bad it is to flush make up wipes away and the temptation to do that is obviously much higher if I am actually using said wipes so if I swap back to cleansing pads and micellar water I’ll have to make the ‘extra effort’ to throw them in the bin. Northumbrian Water are currently running a scheme to highlight the problems caused by people casually flushing away things that don’t break down in the pipes (like face wipes and cotton buds) but rather collect and eventually clog up the drains, and were hoping I’d be able to help spread the word about the situation. I’m not normally one for preaching and won’t be terrorizing you with a post all about the ins and outs of our sewage systems but the idea has still firmly taken root in my brain, pricking at my conscience. I certainly won’t be flushing any wipes away, not least because I’ve been scared into it by the slightly worrying Dwaine Pipe character representing the scheme, gadding about, informing kids and their families about what can and can’t go down the loo. Generally make up wipes are a massive “No”. True story. Just get a bathroom bin man. They’re dinky and cute, and are always going to come in useful.  Put it right next to your toilet if you must. Aaaaand  lecture over.

20140111-062926 pm.jpg

Step 4: I’m still using Lush’s Eau Roma Toner Water. It does the job. Even though I’m not sure what toner’s job is exactly. I’m sure it’s very important.
(The bit of dust around the top of the bottle suggests I’m fibbing about using this but I promise I have been. Most days.)

20140111-062950 pm.jpg

Step 5: I moisturize using whatever moisturiser I’ve been sent most recently. I tend to have five or six different little samples on the go at any given time, the premium brand ones are the best obviously. I have yet to actually bite the bullet and splurge on a full sized product but quite frankly, between samples for review and my monthly Glossybox, why bother? I’m no doubt confusing my skin with all the different levels of moisture but I figure it’s still better than not using anything and going off to work with a face like the Sahara desert.

20140111-063003 pm.jpg

Step 6: Here’s where I try to apply minimal makeup in the best way I possibly can. If I’m going to work this means a quick dab of Collection Lasting Perfection concealer anywhere I need to conceal (everywhere), a thin doodle of Collection’s Extreme 24 hour felt tip liquid eyeliner close to my upper lashline, maybe some mascara and possibly a smudge of bronzer if I’m looking a bit pale and not-so-interesting.

20140111-063012 pm.jpg

Step 7: I brush my teeth like a good girl and then give my lips some attention. No major work needed here. Generally this just means a slick of lip balm as I pick up my car keys. Some mornings I grab a Lush lip scrub, like the INCREDIBLY edible Popcorn one (Try it. Try it now.), to rub off any dry skin in the most delicious way ever. Then I apply the lip balm to moisturise and protect my lips from this horrendous winter weather. This step-by-step business makes it feel like this all takes ages but in reality bed to car all happens in just over half an hour.

20140111-062934 pm.jpg

Step 8: Not really a step but I feel like ‘I leave for work.’ should have it’s own little bullet point. Et voila. Fin.

– If anyone wants to have a nosey into the Northumbrian Water ‘Love Your Drain’ campaign you can head over to their twitter account or check out the snazzy little infographic below. Look at Dwaine, getting his drag on with a bit of lipstick there. Bless.

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  • Emma says:

    Oh my god I’d never even thought about flushing face wipes down the toilet before! I do that all the time! I feel so guilty! I even have a bathroom bin aswell! I just didn’t know it was so bad! Ooooooooops! That’s me told! :0

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