Since The Herb Garden opened their doors (and positioned a life-size fake horse on rollerskates outside them) there has been plenty of buzz surrounding the new restaurant, based under the bridge arches at the bottom end of Westgate Rd. They are primarily a pizza restaurant, and a pretty good one at that, but they do offer a couple of other dishes on their specials menu. I’ve been down to spend an evening sampling their pizzas and guzzling sipping their best vino and generally having a good time. (There may also have been a merry horse-hugging incident. See twitter for details.) Their pizzas are cooked fresh in a massive clay oven at the front of the restaurant, as opposed to hiding all the magic out back somewhere mysterious, and the restaurant’s interior… Well, it’s something of a local marvel. I’ve seen so many lovely instagrammed shots of the amazing vertical ‘Herb Garden’ and the ceiling crammed full of paper lanterns since they opened and, let’s face it, people like to be able to take some snaps whilst out for the evening to let people know they’re not just sitting in the house eating toast on a Friday night. So that’s good pizza, good staff, good venue. So far, so… standard.

I was, therefore, slightly surprised to hear (direct from the horse’s mouth no less!) that on Sundays they do breakfast. With cocktails.

Cocktails for breakfast! And on the sabbath of all days?! A wholly uncivilised state of affairs but a good one nonetheless. Six Ways on Sundays is The Herb Garden’s breakfast club. If you have a hangover, or you just like a Bloody Mary with your eggs, then make your way down at 11am. The menu offers eggs ‘six ways’ and a variety of cocktails. I had the chorizo, ham, tomato, paprika and parmesan baked eggs which were so good. Seriously, so good. With a Mimosa (basically Buck’s Fizz). Utter breakfast wonderfulness. Mr SB, my breakfast date for the morning, had the Italian sausage, tomato, spinach and mozzarella with eggs and a Corpse Reviver. At this point we must’ve gotten carried away by the decadence because when our plates were cleared Mr SB went a bit rogue and ordered breakfast dessert too. I am hardly going to complain about this decision so we enjoyed two beautifully presented chocolate pots with the dregs of our drinks.

I’m fairly sure that I need only leave you with the pictures of this leisurely Sunday morning meal and before long I’ll be bumping into you under the arches, queuing for a table, chatting up the horse and trying to decide how you like your eggs in the morning.

20140106-063206 pm.jpg

20140106-063214 pm.jpg


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