I know this is going to be one of those #unpopularopinions everyone’s always bleating on about over on twitter but… Hi, I’m Sarah and I just don’t like face-masks.

I’m currently writing this in the bath (abnormal blogging in the midst of the action right there) and remembering why and exactly how much I don’t like face-masks while one is drying on my face. It’s irrelevant but for those interested this is the Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask. It’s incredibly thick and luxurious feeling and smells a bit like mint and loveliness. It says it has over 94% natural ingredients including organic peppermint, French white clay and lime butter. Doesn’t sound too awful does it?

I like the idea of taking some time to myself and smoothing some beneficial goo onto my face. I like the idea of relaxing in a steamy bath of bubbles, candles burning, glass of wine on the ledge and clay all over my face like gals in the movies do. I have the steam, the bubbles, the candles and the wine so quel est le problème?

20140101-085947 pm.jpg

There are two primary and utterly lame reasons I don’t like face masks.
Número uno: they’re messy. I’ve applied this one, I’ve been as tidy as is humanly possible, I’m in the bath so it shouldn’t matter where it ends up and yet… It’s finding it’s way into my hair, which is neatly twisted up on top of my head. They always do. Even if I try to apply it without getting it in my hair, when I wash it all off it will somehow find its way there and, after washing your hair, your roots will feel just a bit… clay-ey until your next shower. They also take ages to wash off properly and then you have to get the bloody stuff out from under your nails too. And anywhere else you’ve accidentally flicked it.

Part deux: I always have an illogical panic that, because I can’t see my face and you have to leave masks on for, say, 10 minutes, when I come to take the mask off I’ll have had some terrifying reaction to it and my face will be all red and blotchy underneath. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin and haven’t had a reaction to anything before but you just never know. So instead of relaxing, I’m lying there wondering what might be happening that I can’t see. I know I sound like a bit of a nutcase but when the minty mask I’m using starts to do it’s tingly job I start to wonder if that’s normal and then imagine a scenario in which I have to go to work the next day with a face like Freddie Krueger. I can’t take that risk! I’m never concerned about any other products but then I can always cover other regions of my person up in an emergency. Not so my face. It’s fairly crucial that I still have my face skin in good working order tomorrow morning.

So yeah, those are my secret and strange reasons. I’m not generally an unreasonable and dramatic person in other aspects of my life, I just don’t like face-masks. Some of that is probably my own doing and some of it is probably avoidable but hey, different strokes for different folks, right? Forgive me while I stop writing and start washing this off…

*For anyone interested I did still have a face underneath. Totally normal, just cleaner. Obviously. I wasn’t worried for a second.

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  • Hannah says:

    Haha blogging from the bath is definitely a new one! Kinda with you on the face mask thing though.. Mainly because my skin feels awful when I have them on and also because I always feel like in drawing the imperfections out of your face they tend to bring spots to the surface so after I’ve had my lovely pore cleansing mask, I suddenly find myself covered in spots. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. Who bloody knows!

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