There have been a few products that have caught my eye over the last month or so and, now that I’ve had a bit of daylight and some time to take some snaps, I’d like to introduce you motley bunch to them. Motley in a nice way, of course.

If you’re even remotely interested in cosmetics and have recently had a working set of eyes and ears then I’m sure it won’t have passed you by that Urban Decay have brought out another of their famous Naked palettes. Naked 3 is the latest offering and I was lucky enough to get my mucky paws on one a couple of weeks ago.
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The packaging, which is very similar to the previous Naked palettes, is a rose gold tin, a theme which is continued inside as the shadows are a variety of predominantly rose gold hues. It’s a thing of beauty but certainly one that you immediately want to get stuck into. The colours swatch beautifully and are unsurprisingly very pigmented, blend well and last all day. Urban Decay products do generally stand up well to this kind of testing. The set comes with the good quality UD brush that we’ve come to expect from these kits and, though there are no surprises here, it’s a truly lovely palette and would’ve made a great gift for Christmas or for an upcoming birthday. If you can find one because of course they were all out of stock over the festive season. I do actually think I prefer the selection of shadows in my Naked 1 palette but this is a lovely set of shades if you can pull off the nude-pinky colours.

You can pick up the Naked 3 palette (and any of the other Urban Decay palettes) at Look Fantastic and, if you fancy a bit of discount I have the following codes for you: for 12% off click here and use the code 12YAY at the checkout, for 15% off when you spend £50 click here and use the code 15YAY and for a lovely 15% off for all new customers’ first orders click here and type in NEWCST when you come to pay. Of course certain exclusions apply and these offers are only valid until midnight on the 14th of January 2014 so get shopping ASAP but hey, that’s money off for doing nothing. Not too shabby.
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Next up I fell for the Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronze in Tantric. I’ve been after a new bronzer for a while now but was planning to pick up a Chanel Bronze Universal to replace my Mac one. A few concerns had been holding me back; namely that the beautiful glass jar probably wouldn’t be too handy for travelling and the bronzer itself was maybe a little bit brown for my skin tone and tricky to blend because it’s not a powder. Enter the MJ version. It comes in an enormous case, with a generous mirror in the top but the case is very thin and therefore much better for packing or keeping in a handbag. The formula is a matte powder and has a much more natural tone (for me anyway). It applies smoothly and evenly and, providing you don’t go overboard as the payoff is quite strong, it looks very natural. It will also last a lot longer than most other bronzers as it’s an enormous 25grams. Sold!20131229-094548 pm.jpg

Finally the Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold. I’d been hearing about this ‘Skin Gilding Highlighter’ off and on for a while now but had yet to try it. My sister picked one up for the crazy price of £30 and then brought it over for me to have a play with last week. For that price I’d want it to be bloody marvellous. I just can’t justify that kind of spends on a tiny highlighter but luckily I wasn’t blown away by it and can now refrain from adding it to my mental wishlist. To begin with for the price I had expected it to be a little bigger than it is. Yes, it’s quite a deep solid bar but it’s still pretty small. Secondly the packaging, although cute and erm… gold (more of a rose gold actually) it is cardboard which, again, I hadn’t expected. I can’t help but think that it will get scuffed fairly quickly and that it doesn’t feel like it’s worth the hefty price tag. Finally the colour doesn’t suit me. My little sis has more of an olive tone to her skin, helped along by the constant tan she sports from years of living in the sun, so the gold tone suits her. My skin is a little paler, especially in mid-December so I can still pull off Mac Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle. If I had just come back from somewhere warmer and had a better tan then the Mac MSK in Gold Deposit would probably be a better choice. Not least because it’s a bit kinder on my bank balance.
So there you go. Some good stuff, some mediocre stuff. As always these are just *my* opinions and won’t be shared by all of you but I hope you’ve not been bored senseless. Stay tuned for further reviews!

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