I’m starting my Christmas posts a little earlier this year. Call me over-eager but it seems I’ve got a lot going on and thought it might be best to get a bit ahead of myself. Anyhow, the snow is apparently on it’s way, my head is full of snot and seasonal germs (beautiful) and the air is cold enough to make my fingers go numb, so I thought if we have to deal with the downsides of winter then I might as well use this time to indulge in the positive things that come from this time of year. Namely the shopping and the presents. Yup.

The yearly virtual Christmas shop I do for sarahbosson.com is always a highlight as it feels almost cathartic to collate all the lovely things that I’d be buying myself for Christmas if I weren’t having to spend my money on the sensible and the mundane things i.e. food and bills. And of course the lovely real people in my life. You’re all worth not being able to afford a pair of Loubs, honest.

(N.B. At the time of this post ‘going to press’ I hadn’t yet purchased the replacement Sarah Mobile so if anyone wants to toss me keys for either the Nissan 370z that weirdly no one bought me last year, the Audi R8 they keep showing in that provocative advert or the BMW Z4 I *was* saving up to buy, then please, you go right ahead. Just throwing that out there. Again.)

20131109-181926.jpgRadley ‘Doodle Dog’ mug – £15.oo
Mulberry ‘Tamara’ superfine scarf – £165.00
Louboutins Ronron 100 – £395.00
Marc Jacobs ‘Lolita’ eyeshadow palette – $59.00

20131109-182127.jpgSmythson notebooks:
‘Existential Crisis’ – £45.00
‘Genius’ – £35.00

20131109-182154.jpgCanon 600D SLR – approx. £400.00


BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl- £170.00

20131109-182136.jpgMichael Kors large ‘Selma’ Saffiano tote – £315

20131109-182144.jpgGivenchy medium ‘Lucrezia’ in grey – £1660.00
Roberto Vianni ‘Samarah’ high leg boots – £69.00


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