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Living in the city centre you sometimes get lazy. With everything on your doorstep, why travel to get anything? I mean, occasionally we’ll make a proper journey up into Northumberland for a Sunday roast or similar but we very rarely drive to, say, Heaton for culinary treats. Then I started hearing the rumours about a new joint, one serving mouthwatering Brooklyn style pizza pies, having moved in just out of my jurisdiction. I paid scant attention until suddenly those rumours are EVERYWHERE. When somewhere’s consistently being voted Best Pizza in the North East it’s hard not to listen.

Cue a snazzy invite to the Cal’s Own one year birthday party! Yes, they’re been open a whole year and I’ve not been. You’re disappointed in me, I know. But not as disappointed as I am in myself.

So what have I learnt? For starters, and perhaps most importantly, I’ve learnt that Cal’s Own pizzas are fantastic. Made in full view of the dining area, the pizza chefs throw the stretchy dough above their heads as though it’s as easy as pie (sorry) and the result is chewy, thin bases, authentic-tasting and piled high with flavour and toppings in equal measure. Bellissimo! I’ve now sampled such delights as the Cheese Pie (tomato base, mozzarella, grana padano, basil), the White Pie (ricotta, mozzarella, garlic, rosemary) and then some concoctions topped with other quality ingredients like butternut squash, rocket, pancetta, spicy sausage, chilli oil, goats cheese, truffle oil…
And let me tell you that each pizza the kitchen brought out was better than the last. Divine. And you don’t need to just take my word for it. Among other NE food writers I spotted local culinary hero Terry Laybourne, taking a break from ruling Cafe21 to sample a slice or several of Cal’s cooking too.

Pizza perfection, atmosphere and service with a smile; what more could a girl ask for? Perhaps wine? Well, you can pop into a shop en route and BYO favourite tipple for the inoffensive corkage fee of £1 per person.

20131107-013357 pm.jpg

20131107-013416 pm.jpg

20131107-013429 pm.jpg

20131107-013439 pm.jpg

20131107-013447 pm.jpg

Cal’s is the perfect place for that casual date. The date where you want to impress with both your local knowledge and your ability to find places that serve amazing food, but perhaps you don’t need silver service and starched linen napkins. In truth I’d have to also heartily recommend these pizzas for a guys night, a girls night, a family night, a lonely meal for one and the classic pizza-in-front-of-the-tv night, taking advantage of the take out service. Actually, come to think of it, I’m having one of those evenings-in by myself tonight…
Warm the ovens up Cal, I’ll be seeing you again soon.


Here’s the usual babble: Yes, this evening was provided FOC for review (and celebratory!) purposes but every word of this post is the truth, the whole truth and nowt but the truth.
MASSIVE thanks to Cal, his hardworking staff and Scran on the Tyne for the invite.
Once again please accept my apologies for the shoddy photos. I know I need to get a decent camera, but you get the idea.
Credit to the pro Hannah Layford for letting me use the better quality pizza picture featured at the very top of the page. Because she’s apparently much better at this lark than I am.


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