Vaseline are such enablers. They’re making it waaaay too easy for me to indulge my lazy side with their new Spray & Go Body Moisturiser. I’m not complaining however because I have been waiting for someone to invent this particular product FOREVER. Thank you Vaseline, you’ve won this race. As far as I’m aware (please send me further info if I’m wrong) Vaseline are the only brand to have created a spray-on continuous mist moisturiser for the laziest of lazy twats, like myself.

It’s not really that I begrudge taking those extra 40-50 seconds to moisturise after a shower in the morning, but rather the greasiness you’re then left with, both on your hands and on wherever you’ve moisturised. Your skinny jeans won’t go up properly, your clothes stick to you and everything you touch feels slimy even though you’ve just showered and should be feeling fresh and clean.

The product in question is fairly self explanatory. You spray it on, from a distance of around 10cm, and in theory that’s you done. Unlike other attempts to make spray on moisturiser (see contrasting review here) the Vaseline product comes out as a continuous spray of a very fine mist. It seems to absorb very quickly. You still have to rub it in a bit and therefore get your hands a bit slimy but they’re certainly far less slimy than usual. Or, for the ultimate In lazy twattery, use the back of your other leg to rub it in and you’re good to go.

It comes in three different delicious flavours (please don’t eat it, I obviously mean scents) including cocoa butter, aloe vera for sensitive skin and oat extract. And the best part? It’s only £4.99. Get down to Boots and get yours ASAP. Before I buy all their stock.

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