I love it when a plan comes together. This weekend I jetted over to Dubai again for a weekend of silliness, cocktails and partying and, just when I’m considering what to pack in the way of skincare (I was actually debating not taking anything and gambling on whatever my sister had in her bathroom) Fenwick drop me a line to tell me they have a new offer to promote. Excellent. So it would appear my weekend was, in the end, sponsored by Clarins, which is perfect because that’s actually a brand I like but haven’t had much chance to try many of their products.

Currently, if you nip down to the Fenwick’s beauty hall you can grab yourself a free super cute (and quite generously sized) pink toiletries bag with 4 free products to choose from a selection of 8. I’ve been kindly given all 8 to sample so I can assure you they’re all good’uns. You’ll receive this free gift when you buy two other Clarins products, at least one of which must be skincare.

Is it worth it?

Well I’ve been using the products for my trip and, I must say Clarins, I’m loving your work. I cannot however show you any clever scientific close ups of my now smooth and amazingly youthful face so you’ll just have to take my word for it. When I do get to see my beautiful baby sis it’s only ever for very short periods of time so we had a lot of drinking, dancing, giggling and general girliness to get through in a very small two day window. Obviously because of this, combined with the dry heat of the desert, the intensity of the Middle Eastern sun, the chlorine of the water in her pool and at the Aquapark and the harsh, dehydrating aeroplane air, my skin has suffered. Thankfully the new Clarin’s HydraQuench Cream seemed to really help with that, and coupled with the Vital Light Serum and the Gentle Foaming Cleanser, managed to ward off any mega skin dramas. The Smoothing Body Scrub delicious scent and the Joli Rouge lipstick smelled and tasted better than I’d thought it would. I think my favourite of the 8 was the Beauty Flash Balm which I presume is the Clarins BB cream. It honestly seemed to do wonders for my complexion. I also used the new Extra-Firming Neck Cream pretty generously. I had never even considered the firmness of my neck skin until now. Cheers for the heads up, Clarins. The only product I didn’t get much chance to use was the Multi-Active Night Cream because we weren’t getting home til 4 or 5am and thus were not left with much time for a bedtime skincare regime. Now I’m home though I’m being able to give it much more of a chance.

If you fancy giving any of this a whirl (the Clarin’s stuff, not the hanging out with Bosson girls in the UAE bit) then make your way to Fenwick on Northumberland St before October 19th to grab yourself a bag of treats alongside your skincare purchases.

In related news; Why is it so dark and difficult to take nice pictures of things (say Clarins gift sets for example) all day again? Gah! Sod off winter, no one likes you.

Disclaimer – Fret not, I’m just being flippant. I know some of you do like winter. Nutters.

20131016-065000 pm.jpg

20131016-065009 pm.jpg

20131016-070546 pm.jpg

20131016-072448 pm.jpg

20131016-072715 pm.jpg

20131016-072744 pm.jpg

There are some sneaky Dubai snaps in there too.
Sandance, The Killers, The Palm, Mahiki, the Dubai Mall, drinks at 360 and the Burj Al Arab at sunset.

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