I finally succumbed and bought a Tangle Teezer. I’ve been resisting doing this for yonks, trying not to notice them at the counter in Space NK, pretending I don’t want to try my sister’s when I visit, scrolling past them on lookfantastic.com but finally I’ve bought one. I just got one of the little ‘travel’ ones, partially because I find myself travelling from time to time and the travel one comes with a clip on protector thingy,  and partially because at the time it worked out cheaper. Quite frankly I think they’re all a little overpriced which was one of the main factors contributing to the fact that I haven’t bought one before now. That and they look kind of peculiar.

But lately I’ve been really trying to improve the condition of my hair and it seemed like this might help. There’s only so much that products which promise to repair damage can actually do, so alongside turning my hairdryer down to a cooler setting, I thought a kinder brush might help.

The Teezer certainly seems to do the trick. Even brushing through wet, tangly hair is no effort at all. I’ve ended the daily tug of war match with my own hair and now this nifty little brush just glides through. Obviously I haven’t had it long enough to know whether or not it will reduce damage over time but surely if I’m not snapping any hairs by violently brushing it to death post-shower then that’s bound to be beneficial in the long run, right? So yeah, I’m fairly happy with it, it was a bit of a silly purchase and a silly price but it should be pretty much a one off thing as I can’t see myself having to replace it anytime soon and I am enjoying using it.

Even if it feels a bit like I’m brushing my hair with a dog brush. There. I said it.

Note: The above shots are obviously not my images, but rather the ones taken from the official Tangle Teezer site. I had planned on using my own but it turned out to be more difficult to take a picture of a plain black rubber thing than I’d imagined.

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  • Hannah says:

    Haha! I’m obsessed with mine but I know exactly what you mean about the dog brush.. although it made me think of the brushes you use on a horse’s mane!

    Hannah xx

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