I don’t know about you but I sometimes find myself with an extremely strong urge to eat cake, in large quantities, at really awkward times of the day. Most often a Sunday afternoon or evening, when the shops (even the ’24 hour’ Tesco in town) are closed. Sometimes I have such a strong urge for, say, a massive slice of cheesecake that literally NOTHING else will do. My poor boyfriend has been at the mercy of the specific kind of miserable I can get when I suddenly have a Cake Emergency and am unable to satisfy the craving.

Enter Desserts Delivered.

Somewhere, someone’s wonderful mind thunk up the idea of delivering cakes to people’s doors. Sounds like the kind of genius I’d come up with after one-too-many glasses of vino but the clever dicks at Desserts Delivered offer precisely that service. In exchange for a few of your best English pounds Desserts Delivered will bring you whatever kind of dessert you require. A CAKE DELIVERY SERVICE. Cake-a-way, if you will. Uh-mazing. It’s like someone looked inside my little brain, pulled some crazy ideas out and went “right, let’s make this happen.”

Imagine the troublesome scenarios this will fix! You’re famished and only a slice of Baileys cheesecake, a peanut butter brownie and some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups will do. No problem!
You’re having people over for dinner and CATASTROPHE! Now you’ve forgotten to buy dessert. Just get online and have one delivered pronto!
Perhaps you’ve just got in from a drunken night out, you’re hungry but you don’t want boring savoury food. Whatever will you do? Who will you call? I’m just messing with you now, because I know you’ve got the picture.

I was actually invited along to Desserts Delivered’s Sunderland HQ to see the service in action from behind the scenes and, of course, to sample my own slice of heaven. Like some sort of bizarre dream come true I found myself at DD HQ in the middle of the night. I’ve scoffed their wares and can certainly recommend the Oreo Cheesecake (the one in the millions of pictures you see here), and in fact any of the chocolatey concoctions. As well as the traditional desserts you can also order various kinds of American candy, poptarts, cereals like lucky charms, some American drinks and the like.

I feel like I’m just spouting rubbish but honestly, this is a real business. A complete stranger will bring you cake on demand and not think any less of you for it. Even better, there’s an £8 minimum order, obviously to cover their petrol costs, so that means you have an excuse to order MORE cake or, alternatively, order some cake for a ‘friend’ too. You’ll be more popular than you ever thought possible. I challenge you to find a more delicious or unhealthy-but-dreamy morsel this side of the Atlantic.

What’s more, the thoughtful chaps at the new Sunderland DD are offering you sarahbosson.com readers 10% off any order, until the end of September, if you quote “Sarah” when ordering. You lucky little sausages. PLEASE NOTE, this is ONLY at the SUNDERLAND branch and, as I said, will only run until September 30th 2013 so, for the love of cake, get your orders in quick!

Desserts Delivered Sunderland are open
Monday – Thursday 7pm – midnight,
Friday – Saturday 7pm – 1am
Sunday 6pm – midnight.
You can either call 0191 521 1615 or place an online order here.

Alternatively, if you live on my side of the river, Desserts Delivered Newcastle can be found here or on 0191 276 1375. Please remember than the 10% discount is only valid at the Sunderland branch of DD. Bon appetite!


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