I’m not normally one for managing to keep up with all the blogger trends but news of the Barry M Nail Gelly newest S/S13 colour releases has been spreading like wildfire all summer and even I couldn’t fail to have heard about them. It’s seems that on the pages of everyone’s favourite beauty blogs at least, the Gellies can do no wrong. The absolute polish of the moment for this summer seems to have been the shade ‘Lychee’. I finally cottoned on, succumbed and bought a selection of colours. Mainly because they’re only £3.99 and Superdrug had them (maybe still has them) on 3 for 2 which in Girl Logic Land means they’re practically free.

The Gellies are getting much praise for being supposedly almost impossible to muck up, which certainly appeals to me. They apply like a gel (hence the name), are a super mega glossy hi-shine formula that only needs one coat and definitely won’t need a clear top coat. They dry relatively fast and are supposed to be long lasting. I’m finding that, yes, they do apply smoothly and are easy to touch up as the polish seems almost self-levelling, and very shiny, but the longevity is a bit questionable. I seem to have at least one chip by the next day and several more by day two and three. That’s a bit disappointing but since the colours are pretty on trend and they are still great value for money, I’m pleased with my purchases and will no doubt use them throughout the next few months.

20130902-064323 PM.jpgApologies for the polish all over the top of the blue one. Made a right mess there didn’t I?

Speaking of the colours; obviously I’m happy with the classic red of “Blood Orange” (not even remotely orange at all) and I totally love the blue “Blackberry” (who came up with these names??). I’ve been wearing the dark emerald “Watermelon” a fair bit, even though I can’t think of a colour that makes me think of watermelon less. Lychee however? I know everyone’s raving about it but I can’t seem to pull it off. It makes my hands look awful. It’s the least flattering, most difficult to apply colour ever. I’ve tried it twice now and I still hate it. Shame, because I thought it looked quite nice in the bottle.

So yeah, a fairly on-the-fence post but on the whole a positive feeling I think. Yeah, go on then, go and buy some. Especially while they’re on offer at Superdrug!

20130902-065000 PM.jpgThese pictures are taken after 1-2 days of wear. All except the bottom-right one, Lychee, which I took off before it chipped because I couldn’t stand it for that long.

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  • Kate says:

    Ooh I love how watermelon looks on you despite it bearing absolutely no resemblence to its name sake. I’m with you on the lychee hatred.
    Kate xxx

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks sweets! I put it on fairly thick and it went a bit darker but I quite liked it. Seems like a good shade for autumn too, I reckon. Sx

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