Tea on the Tyne

As you probably know, I lived abroad when I was younger and, although I’m now safely nestled back in the northeast, I have very fond memories of being a kid in warmer climes. One of my favourite memories is of going with my parents to the afternoon or ‘high teas’ that the posh hotels in Singapore used to host. Something so quintessentially British, in the midst of life in Asia. Watching all the expensive tiny work-of-art cakes and ridiculous sandwiches being daintily nibbled by rich, well-dressed ladies and gents has clearly left its mark on a young and impressionable Sarah because now when I have a day off and have nowhere to rush to and nothing I should be doing I like to embrace the decadence of taking tea somewhere, be it chintzy cafe or exclusive hotel drawing room. To me nothing quite says frivolous like taking an hour or two out of your day to share a pot of tea and ridiculously petit pastries with a friend or three, especially in the summer months.

So, when recently Scran on the Tyne contacted me and, having explained what was already being covered, asked if there were any features I felt I could contribute towards, it was quite literally the first idea that popped into my head. I explained that I’d already sort of started to casually sample some of teas the region had to offer here on sarahbosson.com, and suggested we give that idea a proper home.
Luckily Lauren, the face behind SotT agreed that there might just be a seasonal summer niche there, a market for a review of all the afternoon teas on offer in the north east and lo, an adventure around the North East in afternoon teas was born.

The site is now live, although I think the content is still being uploaded and any glitches ironed out. If you’d like to follow the reviews or have any suggestions for us, then please feel free to check out SotT, where I, and hopefully some of the other contributors, will be popping up posts about where we’ve been and what we’ve snacked on. I’m hungry just thinking about it.

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