It all began with an invitation to the bloggers’ event at The Body Shop a few months back. I’m sure all the best stories do indeed start with exclusive access to a party, free Buck’s Fizz, sweet nibbles and shopping everything in store at 50% off the usual prices. The Body Shop (and Maddie from All The Pretty Things) did a smashing job of making us feel special and comfortable and a good time was had by all. I spent some money, I got some new things to try (see picture below) and had a grand old time, but for me the product that most surprised me was one I found in a small sample tub in the goody bag we all received as we were leaving. It turned out to be The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Cool BB Cream. A product that I have since in fact repurchased, and have used nearly every day since. Turns out BB creams might not be as confusing as I first thought.

20130721-183949.jpgGoody bag bounty

Now, allow me to take this time to reiterate that I am not an expert in either skin care or make up. I tried this, it worked for me and I’m happy about that.
If you have any better products for me to try please leave me suggestions because, although dubious beforehand, I may now in fact be converted to the concept of using a BB cream. Probably not as a primer though (is that how you’re supposed to use them?) but rather as a sort of very light concealer/foundation/moisturiser.
I must confess that I didn’t (still don’t really) understand what a BB cream was for. But having a play with The Body Shop’s offering has maybe changed my mind about the concept.
That and the fact that it’s supposed to be a one step wonder and is therefore perfect for those of us who just can’t be arsed to sit and preen in front of a mirror for hours every day. Who has the time for that??

20130721-055728 PM.jpg

The BS BB cream seems to have done my skin wonders in general, and looks really nice on my actual face too. Very important that last bit. It has reflect-y particles and therefore seems to have the same sort of illuminating effect, that the YSL Touche Éclat does, when buffed in across my cheekbones and under my brows. It takes the post-hot-shower redness down on the apples of my cheeks and stops the area under my eyes looking quite so shadowy. It promises 12 hour moisture and protection. I’m not sure what it’s protecting against exactly but my skin certainly feels smoother and less dry. I suppose if I were to be really picky I could say that after a few hours of wear this product seems to make my skin a teensy bit slimy down the creases of the side of my nose, or anywhere I’ve been a bit heavy handed (Less is more ladies!) but nothing major and I’ve not had any spots appear from it over the last few months, so it can’t be that greasy.

20130721-055736 PM.jpg

I’m currently squeezing a tiny amount onto the back of my hand and working it into most of my face with a Mac 130 duo fibre brush. I feel like I can really buff it in with the 130. I don’t put it everywhere; mainly just my nose, across the apples of my cheeks, under my eyes, below my eyebrows.
One colour works for all apparently. I was a bit dubious at first, especially as it comes out of the tube quite dark and orangey, but it really does disappear into my skin and absorb really easily. I assume it’s because it’s so lightly pigmented but having said that it seems to do a bit more than a tinted moisturiser which tend to give me spots and leave me greasy without any coverage, but this doesn’t. It maybe leaves skin a bit shiny due to the highlighting agents so go carefully across areas you don’t want too ‘highlighted’. On the whole the product seems to be doing my skin the world of good though, and has made applying what I refer to as “proper makeup” – more than just eyeliner and lipbalm – feel like a walk in the park as opposed to the ordeal it can be when you’re in a hurry. Bear in mind that this particular BB doesn’t have SPF so you’d need to consider applying a sunscreen as well but with a very reasonable £10 getting you a massive 100ml tube you can easily pick up some SPFs to add to your regime if you need to. So, not a bad start for my foray into these new fangled BBs and CCs and M&Ms and (Audi) TTs and whatever else the mad scientists are trying to sell us.

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  • Claire R says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I had felt a bit bombarded with all the new BB creams and didn’t know which one to try.. Going to the Body Shop now! X

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