The Summer Glossybox

Summer has really arrived! Well, it’s less ‘arrived’ as it’s sort of thrown open the door, cartwheeled in, and knocked everyone about a bit in it’s eagerness. Perhaps a bit OTT but wonderful!
We, in the UK, are currently in the middle of a real, live heat wave. Every day has been beautifully sunny and warm. We’re having day after lovely day of balmy 28 degrees, give or take a smidge. Yes, you may have noticed that I’m very pro-summer. I get very morose in winter but summer just makes me feel like a better, shinier person.

I’m not ashamed to say that I opened the July Glossybox and promptly applied nearly all of the products. Patience is not one of my strong points and quite literally everything was useful at that particular moment. I was about to don my sunglasses and go out into the sun so, as I opened the box and found useful products for a sunny day, I just put them straight on. No faff.20130717-072436 PM.jpg
20130717-072442 PM.jpg
20130717-072448 PM.jpg
20130717-073025 PM.jpg

This month’s theme is a very apt ‘Seaside Splash’ box full of the summer essentials. First up I clocked the Alterna Haircare Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist. Ideal as I’d been contemplating buying a salt or texture spray anyway but wasn’t sure if it was really me. If I do nothing to my hair, merely wash it and leave it then it ends up looking ‘beachy’ anyway. My hair is neither straight, nor properly wavy, I’m not really sure how to describe it to be honest but ‘beachy’ seems to fit. Mr SB refers to it as “holiday hair” if I wash and go. Also driving a convertible gives excellent texture to your barnet! Most days however I strive to look like I’ve not just been washed ashore or let my hair dry doing 70mph in the Sarah-mobile, and to get that rather more groomed effect, I apply all kinds of oils and shine products, blow dry and occasionally, if I want it very sleek, run the GHDs over it. Therefore buying a product that makes it look messier didn’t appeal. But it seems to be so very ‘in’ at the minute that I thought I should probably give it a go. Thankfully I can now try it without committing to a full bottle. Cheers Glossybox, you little stars. And the verdict? I like it. I don’t prefer it to the sleeker, more polished look but it’s a nice change. It’s mega easy to use and seems to have great hold. It retails at £23 for 125ml so maybe a little pricey but since it came in a Glossybox I’m only down £10 for the whole box. That’s fairly mighty.
20130717-072514 PM.jpg

Next up, Glossybox threw some trés sensible SPFs in there. As I said I was just about to go out into the lovely sunshine for lunch so a little sample size tube of Coola Mineral Face SPF 20 unscented lotion came in very handy. I hadn’t thought to put anything on (I know, I know stupid right? Sorry Mum.) so receiving this in the box reminded me that I should probably have some sun protection on, on my nose at the very least, so I slathered some on. It blended in nicely, it has no sickly scent and it stopped me getting burnt. Thumbs up there then. Not a great deal else to say about a sun screen but it did the job nicely. The Glossy team are looking out for my skin, even if I’m not.
20130717-072522 PM.jpg

The Sleek Pout Paints were a nice little two-for-one bonus. I’ve heard a few comments about these on the bbloggers grapevine. They’re being hailed as a pretty good dupe for this, that and the other and I’ve found them to be fairly easy to work with. They apply nicely and although I’m not immediately sold on either of the colours I received they’re both good ones to play with. Not sure I can pull off a bold, grape purple lip but we’ll see. These are not something I would’ve chosen to buy myself so it’s for things like this that Glossybox really comes into it’s own. Nice, light, not sticky products for slicking on in the sun so we’re still sticking to the box theme. The two I received are full sized products too, which retail for £4.99 so pretty good value too.
20130717-072541 PM.jpg

The large lilac bottle is another Anatomicals product; the Spray Misty For Me Facial Spritz. I like facial spritzes, I’ve tried a few others in the past, Paul Mitchell and Caudalíe spring to mind, but not an Anatomicals one. I probably wouldn’t shell out to just flat out buy myself one because it seems very frivolous, like buying expensive water for your face. I know there’s probably more to it than that but I can’t help feeling like a mug when I consider buying one. So, for that reason, I like getting them in a beauty box. Nice excuse to use one for a few weeks. This is full sized and retails for £6 normally. It claims that the “calming lavender and refreshing peppermint extracts help rehydrate and calm skin”. I get that. Seems like a good thing to me. Handily sized for throwing in your bag to use after a long flight or in a stuffy office. I’m not sure it has set my makeup, as it says it should, but to give it the benefit of the doubt it is very humid at the moment and I’m not wearing a great deal of war paint for fear of it melting off and leaving me looking like the Joker. However I still can’t pretend I like the Anatomicals packaging. I mean, is it for children? No? Then get a hold of yourself Anatomicals, and stop with the pink, yellow, lilac, orange crazy clashing colours bottles. They look nice in no one’s bathroom.
20130717-072528 PM.jpg

Last up, a product I’ve been deliberating over buying in Boots for quite some time, the Essie nail wraps or Sleek Sticks. They’re basically designs you peel off and stick onto your nail, saving yourself the hassle of going to get a pricey manicure or botching your nails yourself with a gloopy nail pen and then smudging the only ‘good’ nail as it dries. Mint. So instead you just stick one of these on, file off the excess and you’re good to go. The designs are still a little limited but I’d seen a couple in store (RRP £9.99) I quite liked. I just couldn’t justify the tenner it costs. So now I get to try them anyway. Ta again Glossies. Unfortunately I got a design I didn’t really fancy but I’ll still probably try (and then review) them at some point anyway. Insert smiley face here.

20130717-073206 PM.jpg

Aaaaand that’s it for this month! Good hey? I don’t know about you but I’ve been pretty happy with this box. I still think GB is worth every penny of the measly £10 they charge in exchange for the tailored beauty sample service. If you want to join up or check it out for yourself please use this link and get yourself acquainted.
It feels like it’s taken me an age to write this review because every time I sit down to write I just want to go sit outside again and I can’t see any of my screens (phone, netbook, iPad) in the glare of the sun. So now I’m off to grab a cold peach & mango Vita Coco out of the fridge and sit in the garden and chill. I swear I’d be rich if I could just stop drinking these…

20130717-072556 PM.jpg

 It appears I’m not the only one who enjoyed exploring this month’s box…

20130717-101824 PM.jpg

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  • Hannah says:

    Ahh TOTALLY agree about the weather!! I’ve been loving the sunshine but it’s so hard working in the heat! Been refreshing to have a bit of cloud today! Haha! This looks fab – I love the idea of Glossybox but I’ve never subscribed because I have really sensitive skin so have to be dead careful what I use!

    Hannah xx

    • Sarah says:

      Hannah, I *think* you can tell them in your beauty profile/questionnaire that you have sensitive skin and they’ll fill your box accordingly. But I can understand you being wary of trying things, even if they do claim that they’re good for really sensitive skin. Must be tricky. Sx

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