A Hair Evolution

Lately I’ve been really tempted to cut my hair short again. But I’m trying not to. I’ve had short (chin length, not boy length) hair for as long as I can remember. When I was little, and blonde, my mum used to keep my hair cut into a bob* whilst my little sister always had long, glossy brown hair. Then as a young adult trying desperately not to get asked for ID in bars, I would keep the short, neat bobbed hair cut, sometimes graduated from super short at the back to a longer point at the front, because I though it made me look older. And because in all honestly I couldn’t get through the annoying mid length phase without wanting to hack it off again.

* Read: bowl cut with a MASSIVE fringe. Cheers Mum.

I’ve also put it through some serious dye jobs over the years. Basically all of the Stargazer colours that Kathmandu used to sell. It’s been an array of rainbow colours including purple, bright orange, blue, jet black (mistake alert!), red, green once by accident, a sort of dark reddish brown, in fact a variety of browns, and, for most of my late teens, a range of pinks. Somewhere between dark raspberry and neon fuchsia. I’ve also attempted a variety of designs involving DIY dying underneath chunks of my hair white/blonde, when that kind of thing was trendy. Not all of these colours were good choices, especially the black, and it’s certainly not something I’d have done now. Although I do often miss my pink hair. I really liked it that colour. My advice would be to do it while you can still get away with it. I feel too old and responsible (haha) now to have ludicrously bright hair again, but I’m glad that that’s still who I was. The evolution of my hair has been a slow process, and over the years the people I’ve met and lost touch with will probably remember a few different versions of Sarah. But I think this one, the who I am now, is the most honest. It’s quite nice knowing that the colour is completely natural and therefore won’t start to grow dark telltale roots if I leave it unattended for a bit. And, now that I’ve kicked the straightening habit, at least it might look a bit healthier in time.

20130811-030141 PM.jpg

My hair then…

It’s also now the longest it’s ever been. I’ve finally gotten through the annoying phase and guess what? It’s still pretty annoying. Long hair gets everywhere. It blows all over your face, it gets more knotted, the ends get dryer and need special care and attention. It takes longer to dry and style and uses more products.

20130811-030855 PM.jpg

…And now.

I’m quite enjoying having long hair, feeling like a proper girl and knowing that I can attempt a variety of styles and ‘dos’. I’m kind of liking having some proper hair I can fuss over and flip over my shoulders, I can wear it curly or straight, or scrunch into a bun.
But I do know 100% that deep down I’m a short-hair girl. I will at some point in the next couple of years cut it off again and go back to a let’s-get-down-to-business bob. Sleek and neat by day, but big, mussed-up and messy by night. This having proper hair business is far too much like hard work.

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