I’m currently absolutely BESOTTED with the Muubaa leather jackets. Dying to own one. Is it too early to start my Christmas list? This year’s list will certainly be featuring some beautiful Muubaa pieces, that’s for sure. Right at the top. Well, maybe second. Bearing in mind I didn’t get that Nissan 370z last year…

Muubaa have caught my eye again lately because they’ve gone and released their Autumn/Winter ’13 collection and it’s a total winner. I can tell. Happily the new designs have retained the signature Muubaa extreme slim fit that serves to flatter one and all, and still feature the super dooper soft, buttery leather that we all love. We see a dark and seductive fusion of gothic romance and the biker grunge of the 1990’s, for the most part, and then a new avenue, a sort of on-trend Aztec vibe for the new range, which includes dresses, skirts and skin-tight leather trousers alongside the classic biker jackets. We see some pieces with romantic, traditional Rilli bridal embroideries worked into the garments. A kind of patchwork if you will. This means each piece really is one of a kind.
The A/W13 palate is sticking with a standard dark, grungey, moody range of berry reds, bronze, greens and navy, and of course black, offset with metallic accents. It’s not hard to spot the high standards of craftsmanship that you would expect from a company that has 30 years of expertise under their finely made leather belt. Happily A/W13 has come a long way from the ombréd leather of last season that I just couldn’t get my head around.

If the brand I’m currently waxing lyrical about is new to you, allow me to backtrack and do the introductions. Muubaa make fine leather clothing and have been spotted on many a celeb; Carley Rae Jepson, Emeli Sandé, Ashley Tisdale, Cheryl Cole and Kim Kardashian to name but a few. It’s a firm favourite of mine too. Obviously I’m not quite at the same dizzying heights of fame (Yet. Still got my eye on world domination.) but I can vouch that these jackets are worth the pretty penny they cost. The designers behind the leather seem to have developed a knack for taking heavy masculine templates for outerwear, e.g. the classic biker jacket, and making them into something solid, durable but overall feminine and flattering. Even the parts where they’ve thrown caution and common sense to the wind and mixed leather with chiffon. The cut and quality of Muubaa stuff is second to none.

For your viewing/reading/shopping pleasure I have complied a brief collection of my personal favourite Muubaa jackets below. These are the pieces currently topping my wish list. Alternatively if you want to have a mooch around their site on your own then, please, be my guest here. I just know that you’re going to love them as much as I do and, if there’s ever anything that’s worth dropping a few hundred quid on it should definitely be the original wardrobe staple, the all season, all weather classic; the leather jacket. There are also some stunning examples in the sale online, in case you fancy picking up a bargain or two. One in cream and one in black? With free worldwide delivery? Oh go on then.

‘Minsk’ quilted biker in Black

‘Cion’ (2012) fitted biker in Smoke Grey
‘Sean’ suede t-shirt in Mist

‘Troy’ pencil dress in Black
‘Agena’ jacket in Black

‘Sinoia’ suede drape jacket in Black
‘Auriga’ fitted biker in Black (possibly my favourite)


 All images above have been borrowed from Muubaa.com where you can find these beauties and many others. Go on, you know you want to…


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