Not technically ‘Jetset’, I know, but it’s my website, that’s my name above the door, and so I reckon I can afford a little bit of artistic licence. So in this case Edinburgh is as exotic as Dubai, the Maldives and Thailand.
I was going to go into heavy detail about where we ate, where we went and what exactly we did while we were there but it was kind of a private lovey-dovey trip and I figured you don’t want too many details of that so I’m going to be brief. We were in Ed for such a short time. We nipped up on Friday morning and came back Saturday night, just to celebrate the boyfriend’s birthday with a different set of sights and restaurants to the ones usually on our doorstep. We did some shopping in the Harvey Nicks sale, trooped over to Morningside to check in at The Chocolate Tree for some incredible cakes, had drinks at the Black Cat on the busy Rose St before wandering further down to the wonderful Miros Cantina Mexicana for some fantastic home-cooked Mexican food. We practically rolled back to the Bank Hotel on the royal mile. A great boutique hotel in a perfect location. The manager couldn’t do enough to help, the place was clean and very recently renovated to a high standard. I’ll certainly never forget the bright yellow bee wallpaper in the top floor hallway. In a good way.
On Saturday morning we paid a quick visit to Spoon on Nicholson St for breakfast. Not too shabby for Sarah. Although the d├ęcor wasn’t really my cup of tea but I know fine well it will have been super popular with the cool kids. I did enjoy all the ads papering the walls in the ladies room though. Go there, check them out and you’ll know what I mean! For lunch on Saturday we checked out Illegal Jacks burrito bar on a recommendation from an old friend who lives up in Edinburgh now. Much like Newcastle’s own Zapatista but with a more modern interior. I had a massive steak burrito and enjoyed every single delicious bite. Another one to check out next time you’re up in the land of Scots.
There were so many places we didn’t have time to visit. Edinburgh is crammed full of so many great eats it’s hard to pick a single place for a particular meal time and we spend most of the time up there eating nigh on non-stop. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Now I’m going to leave you with some of the less-private-but-better-quality snaps taken while we were there (mainly of food natch) and let the pictures do the rest of the talking. Let me know if any of you have any further recommendations of places to check out in next time I’m up there.

20130717-082758 PM.jpg

20130717-082804 PM.jpg

20130717-082810 PM.jpg
A post train snackette at The Chocolate Tree

20130717-082829 PM.jpg

20130717-082839 PM.jpg
Snapshots of The Bank Hotel

20130717-082857 PM.jpg

20130717-082923 PM.jpg

20130717-082929 PM.jpg

20130717-082935 PM.jpg
Dinner and margaritas at Miros Cantina Mexicana

20130717-083011 PM.jpg

20130717-083018 PM.jpg

20130717-083025 PM.jpg

20130717-083030 PM.jpg

20130717-083036 PM.jpg

20130717-083042 PM.jpg
Breakfast at Spoon

20130717-083057 PM.jpg
A Friday afternoon well-spent!


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