The June Glossybox

This weekend was one of highs and lows. Bacon sandwiches for breakfast, the yummiest of lunches at the divine Cafe Royal and then joining the party at the Boiler Shop Steamer to fill us up on Friday evening, my first taste (of many) of the cheesecakes and brownies on offer at the GB Cupcakery and then a family christening on Sunday. So that’s the good. All sprinkled liberally with sunshine. On the flip-side, the washing machine blew up and flooded the kitchen A LOT and the upright Dyson seems to be a little bit broken. So we shelled out a million trillion gabillion pounds for a new washer dryer and luckily the nice Dyson crew are sending us a replacement part for our machine, so fingers crossed thats the end of that nonsense.
One other thing that happened last weekend was that my June Glossybox arrived! Perfect. I love when it arrives on a weekend. I love that recognition as I catch a glimpse of the distinctive packaging when I open the door to the Hermes man (the one who hates me). That heady mix of being just on the brink of potential disappointment and happy excitement that always precedes actually opening your box. I should also actually mention that this box was a free one. I’ve been collecting my Glossydots like a good girl and redeemed them for a freebie this month.20130617-102138 PM.jpg
20130617-102132 PM.jpg

Upon actually opening my box I am first impressed by the sizes of the products inside. Another selection of decent sized items. My second thought is “Hang on a minute… John Frieda Sheer Blonde?? But I’m a brunette..?” Oh dear Glossybox. What’s happened here? I appear to have been sent bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner from the new Everlasting Blonde range from John Frieda which promises to make my freshly coloured blonde last for up to 12 weeks. Which is bloody marvellous, apart from the one snagging point being that I don’t colour my hair blonde, or any colour for that matter. I’ve since tweeted Glossybox regarding the matter. Not sure what I was hoping to achieve by this but it made me feel a bit better to make them aware of their minor fuck up. They obviously apologised and said they’d make sure it wouldn’t happen again. That’s really all they can do. I’m not expecting them to come to Newcastle and swap it for me so I’m happy to let this one lie. Good job this was a free box! Now, do I know anyone with blonde hair..?20130617-102152 PM.jpg

I received a tube of Figs & Rouge Cherry Blossom lip balm. 100% natural, slightly pink tinted and nicely flavoured, I quite like this product. The packaging is okay, a little cutesy and colourful for gloomy old me, but not too offensive. Not bad at all. And this product retails at £5 per tube so that’s half your money’s worth already. Not including the Blonde hair care. The less said about that the better.
20130617-102202 PM.jpg

Next up, I got a nail polish from MeMeMe Cosmetics in the colour ‘Graceful’. It is a lovely feminine shade. A pale pearly pinky, white. It can be worn as a single layer to give a gentle sheen for that ‘no-polish polished’ look, or built up for an opaque white frosting colour. I wore this for the aforementioned Christening and it looked nice with my blue summer dress from Next (the one in this post incase you’re interested). I haven’t used a varnish from MeMeMe before but I will say I’m impressed. The brush was enormous which I love and it dried pretty fast. I can’t really comment on it’s staying power because I took it off long before it could chip, but it showed promise.
20130617-102235 PM.jpg

The stand out product from the box for me was the Monu Soap Free Facial Wash. You may recall that I had a bit of a sulk over the Monu night cream. I didn’t like the scent and it seemed to make me break out in blemishes overnight. Bad news. But this wash has made me warm to the brand again. It’s a cleanser which doesn’t contain soap and won’t foam or bubble. That sounds, and feels, a bit weird but it’s actually quite good. No bubbles getting up your nose and in your mouth or mouth. This just scrubs and cleans smoothly and then washes off to leave really clean skin. The scent, bergamot and lemon, smells amazing. It’s just so clean and fresh, perfect for early morning use in the shower. It’s a huge tube too so I should get some use out of it. It retails at £15.95 per 100ml which seems pretty reasonable.
20130617-102222 PM.jpg
20130617-102243 PM.jpg

The final product in my June box was an eyeliner pencil by a brand I’ve never heard of before called Helen E Cosmetics. It’s a nice chocolate brown colour, which I don’t already own but had been considering picking up. It has a smudger on the end too, I particularly like this. It reminds me of the Benefit one I used to use. I was very pleasantly surprised when I tried this out as it’s mega pigmented and the colour pay off on your eye is really good, without using up half the crayon in one swipe. Then, using the smudger you can create a lovely smudge, fudgey, smokey eye. I foresee this lasting a good while. It usually retails at £8 so that makes the June box well worth the measly £10 I never notice leaving my bank account. Even though this one was free. So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve not yet subscribed then please feel free to click this link and do so immediately! It’s absolutely worth the dosh for the mini-birthday you receive through the post every month. For no extra cost the Glossybox Team will seek out the 5 things they thinkg that you be trying and send them to you, beautifully gift wrapped. Sign up now and let me know what you get in your box next month!


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