Oh Mally!

Lately I’ve been trying out a different mascara. Having never worn any brand of mascara for the first 25 years of my life I felt that rather than stick with the product that originally changed my mind about dressing up my lashes, I should branch out a little and try other brands. Just as I was thinking this I saw a YouTube video with Becky from TalkBeckyTalk and Tati off of Glam Life Guru in which they discuss the mascara they both just bought. They went into a Sephora in NYC and were persuaded to purchase the Mally Volumising Mascara after watching the sales girl scrubbing at her eyes to show them that this product does not smudge, move or clump. I knew then that I had to try this.


I ordered one online (I also requested one off my sister who had a Miami trip and a layover in Washington that month, but the online order paid off first) for a fairly reasonable £8.99, with free delivery.

It arrived, I shredded the box and applied it straightaway. I’m definitely an ‘instant gratification’ girl.
The packaging is subtle, clean and… well, it’s perfectly fine. It’s inoffensive. Entirely adequate. I prefer black packaging but this is… okay. No garish colours a la Maybellene, Bourjois, Rimmel etc. No childish cartoons either – I’m looking at you, Jelly Pong Pong. Just a white tube, with small pink writing. Not bad.
The brush size is, again, fine. Utterly adequate. Not as enormous as the Yves Rocher one I fell in love with earlier this year, but not tiny and crappy.

It says that this formula, a “mix of powders and wax” should not clump. I’ve found that if I get a bit too excited with the wand and apply more than a couple of teeny strokes it will clump. But that’s not a big deal, make up does tend to misbehave if you layer it on with a trowel/mascara wand. Besides I have a little Mac dry angled wand brush thing (technical term there) to swipe through after, to separate and comb my lashes back to something resembling sensible.

However the girl in Sephora did indeed speak the truth. This mascara does genuinely seem to hold it’s own much better than some others. I don’t seem to end up with panda eyes over the course of the day and the mascara doesn’t start to crumble all over my cheeks at around 4pm. Not too shabby. I haven’t actually violently scrubbed at my poor eyes but I did give them a tentative rub and it all seemed to stay put. So for that reason alone I’m going to recommend this product and give it the Sarah Seal of Approval. Which I just made up.

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