The Pleasure’s All Mine…

There’s a new kid on the block. Pleased To Meet You has finally opened it’s charming doors (or rather the dashing doorman opened them for me upon arrival) to the pleasure of all the gin junkies in Newcastle.
This May – June weekend saw the grand, invitation-only, opening party on Thursday, attended by a select few, followed by Fri and Sat; long summer evenings filled with happy people supping gin-based drinks well into the early hours. I myself had a mooch down on Saturday with a chum and was very pleasantly surprised. Finally NCL is getting the message and we’re seeing more grown up bars for grown up people starting to crop up here and there. Highbridge St being a practically perfect location for such a place.
I, as you lot well know, like my alcohol to taste like alcohol*. Not for me are the sugary purple concoctions that so many places serve, Florita’s, Revolution et al being prime suspects. I much prefer a martini to taste of booze and maybe the odd freshly muddled raspberry, rather than sugar and raspberry syrup and other sickly kids stuff. No thanks. Pleased To Meet You serve proper drinks for ladies and gents with taste.
*Amendment: Except perhaps PTMY’s Flowerbed Martini which nearly made my face fall off when I took my first sip. But a lot of that could’ve been the strong rose flavour.

The interior confidently displays a clearly well-thought out decor which is fresh and gives the joint an expensive edge. It’s the perfect mix of old fashioned bar, dirty warehouse and luxe restaurant. I sipped my gin from cut-glass highballs, whilst sat below chandeliers casually hanging over the marble tables, which all juxtaposed with the exposed metal ceiling vents and chicken wire.

20130605-104953 PM.jpg

20130605-105042 PM.jpg

20130605-105054 PM.jpg

20130804-053000 PM.jpg

And then there were the 12ft walls of alcohol.
Row upon row of gins and the occasional swank looking whiskey. Some of which I’ve never even heard of. I eventually went for the Edinburgh Raspberry gin, elderflower tonic water and a handful of fresh raspberries. I also sampled a Blue Sapphire, pink pomegranate and elderflower tonic, garnished with a slice of grapefruit. Both extremely refreshing and yummy. This was swiftly (thanks to the surprise table service) followed by some cocktails; a Mary Phillips, Flowerbed Martini and… assorted others (it gets a bit fuggy here on out).
The first page of the menu tells us that PTMY also boast two ‘specials’. There’s The Highbridge Gin Club which is hosted by PTMY 4-7pm Sunday – Thursday. Two cocktails for £10 to celebrate Gin O’clock. A ‘little get together after work for the fine folks of Newcastle’. How kind. I might have to take you up on that offer. Secondly there’s The Martini Lunch. Served everyday between 12-3pm this is a combination of drinks and food reminiscent of the days when one would enjoy a ‘three martini lunch’ to settle a business deal on expenses. PTMY liked that idea so much they’ve recreated it with a more demure (PAH!) ‘two martini lunch’ involving two cocktails and a grazing board for £20. I’m fairly sure I’d prefer the original three martinis but I’d hate to be uncivilised. However I have not been put off and suspect this is where I’ll be heading for lunch come Friday to celebrate a cheeky day off work. Finger’s crossed it’s sunny.
I can already tell that PTMY is going to be one of my handiest and favouritest hang outs for quite some time to come. Good venue, easy vibe, great drinks, bike in the loos, lovely staff and a good crowd. Bravo Newcastle, bravo.

20130605-105022 PM.jpg

20130605-105029 PM.jpg

20130605-105102 PM.jpg

20130605-105114 PM.jpg

20130605-105142 PM.jpg

20130605-105149 PM.jpg

You will note that these photos get progressively less clear and more and more dark. That is because I took them. These are not the work of a master photographer, with all the pretty drinks and fantastic lighting at her fingertips. They are merely the snaps of a girl having a drink with a friend, getting steadily drunker as the night wore on. (Although not so drunk that I dreamed the bike holding up the sinks in the ladies toilets). Good times were had and this is the remnants of that.

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