Glossybox Turns Two!

Happy birthday Glossybox! Thanks very much for the box of presents that erm… you sent me for your birthday…

Yes chaps, my May Glossybox arrived last week. I’d had a lovely afternoon at a Newcastle Fashion Week event and came home to find my delivery had arrived. Perfection.
Glossybox has now been around for two whole years (though it doesn’t look a day over one) and to celebrate they did what they do best; send their subscribers boxes of goodies! If you’ve not yet signed up, because you’ve living under a rock, please feel free to do so here. If you’ve not signed up because you don’t think it’s a good idea then perhaps you should ask yourself if you’d really miss a mere £10 once a month in exchange for an exciting little box of treats with which to pamper yourself. I subscribe because my tenner is safer with Glossybox than it is in my purse. If left to my own devices I tend to buy loads of full-sized products to try only to find that actually they’re not as great as the hype led me to believe they were. Then I have to either throw/give the product away or use it all. Unhappily.
Glossybox takes away the bad-decision making process, shoulders the burden for you and tries to guess what things you might need in your life. Yes, alright sometimes they’re a little way off the mark but either way it’s usually a smaller pot to work through and you’ve not wasted a pile of money on anything because your measly £10 PCM gets you a grand total 5 samples, so you’re bound to like something, and it comes all packaged up beautifully. Like it’s your birthday each and every month. Especially when it’s Glossybox’s birthday.

20130519-071532 PM.jpg

20130519-071548 PM.jpg

This month I was pretty happy with my box. Lots of lovely things to sample including some things I’ve actually had my eye on but not wanted to purchase because they’re just too expensive.

20130519-071702 PM.jpg

For example I received a Paul Mitchell Awapuhi wild ginger shine spray for my hair. You may or may not know that I LOVE the smell of the wild ginger collection and, when having a recent hair cut at the Gary Hedley Salon in Eldon Garden, was actually shown how to really get the most out of the Awapuhi products I’ve been using. Since then I’ve been in utter lust with the treatment oil and it has kept my hair feeling and smelling amazing. I’ve been on the hunt for more Awapuhi hair products but they are just so pricey. So obviously when I opened up my Glossybox to find a massive can of shine spray inside I was thrilled. Also incidentally I have just run out of my Toni & Guy shine spray and was in the market for a new one anyway. Glossy Team, are you a little bit psychic..?
20130519-071617 PM.jpg

I also got the Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner which is supposedly their best selling one. I think. This is only £2.99 so not great value out of your £10 but not too bad. And the shine spray is closer £20 so that puts your total up considerably anyway. I currently use the Collection liquid felt pen eyeliner, also £2.99, and find it pretty good value for money and incredibly easy to apply so hopefully the Fast Stroke liner will be just as good. It’s probably about time I learnt to use a proper one anyway…

Sticking with products for the eyes, I received a Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Mascara. There’s that name again. I just cannot understand why, if you are coming up with a name to represent your company, you chose Jelly Pong Pong. What’s the logic behind that?? How did that meeting go? Was everybody at the board meeting drunk?? I don’t get it.
Ignoring the stupid name, the packaging on this makes it feel as though it’s for young girls, I’m not really appreciating the purple and the cartoony box. I sort of get it, but I don’t like it. I haven’t actually tried the product yet but it does say it’s waterproof which I do like. Awkwardly though I’ve just bought a new mascara from America and I really like it. I had just mentioned to a friend that I couldn’t see myself using another mascara for a good long while because I liked the new one so much (relevant blog post in the pipeline, I promise). But I’ll let you know how the Jelly Pong Pong one matches up once I have tried it. This retails at £15 usually so again decent value for your £10. Even though, like me, you maybe don’t need a mascara right now.
20130519-071626 PM.jpg

I got a nail polish in this box too. A brand I’m not familiar with, Headline Colors, who release 5 new on-trend shades each season for a limited time period only. The box advertises that it contains one of the 5 Spring/Summer colours, from the ‘Poolside Party’ collection. However I seem to have received one of the Autumn/Winter colours, Gunmetal. Which I find a little odd but I can’t say I’m disappointed as I really like the colour I’ve received, probably more than I would’ve liked any of the S/S ones. It’s a nice dark grey, very close to the Dior one I had planned to buy. The only thing is I would’ve preferred it to be a matte dark stormy grey, than a metallic shade. But I like it. In fact I’m currently wearing it. That’s likely to be a good sign.
20130519-071636 PM.jpg

The final sample product is a newly launched one, a primer from Beautiful Movements Cosmetics. It says it’s a Prime & Create Mixing Medium. I must confess that I have no idea how to use this product. The blurb says that it’s a ‘multi-tasker’. It tells me that it’s a clear aloe vera based gel which can be turned into a cream foundation, blush or eyeshadow that work for all skin types. I still don’t really know what to do with this. That was not helpful. What else? It can be used alone as a matte primer base for make up, or mixed with blushers, bronzers etc somehow to make cream tints, or with eyeshadows to create liquid eyeliners. Interesting but it sounds like a bit of a faff. I mean, I already have blush tints and bronzers etc. I don’t really need to mix any of them with a gel… I’ll have a play and let you all know, as usual, but I’m not exactly thrilled at the thought.

My box also had two little extra gifts in it. Yeay! You absolutely cannot go wrong with sneaky extra free stuff! You know it’s true. One of these extras was a cute little pack of disposable nail files for tossing into a handbag, travel beauty case or similar. Always useful. The other was a teeny bar of Green & Blacks chocolate. Free chocolate? Winner. Definitely. Eating it right now. It’s officially delicious.
20130519-071648 PM.jpg

On that tasty note, I’ll be intrigued to see what arrives in next month’s box. But that’s nothing new because I am always looking forward to next month’s box. Roll on June. And a little bit more summery weather wouldn’t go amiss either.
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