Wear Your Sunday Best: An Official NFW Fringe Event

As I write this I am still feeling the effects of last nights martinis, or ‘Flirtinis’ to be precise.
I was lucky enough to receive a press ticket to yesterday’s VIP showing of Wear Your Sunday Best, an official Newcastle Fashion Week fringe event held down at the old post office on Pink Lane.
The doors opened at 9pm and we were ushered up the tiny red carpet and into the venue where, I must say, whoever was in charge of the decorations had done a cracking job. The tiny space had been transformed into a room fit for a 1940’s tea party, admittedly one that involved perving on stockings, waspies and nipple tassels. I found my seat, next to Maddie of All The Pretty Things, and was pleasantly surprised to find that no attention to detail had been spared here either. There was an arrangement of little gifts to remove from my chair before I could sit down, including a little box full of sweets (because I like to have something to snack on when watching girls in their knickers), a pretty floral cake pop by Nani Pops, a couple of programs, one for the evening and one for NFW as a whole, some discount vouchers to use in store at THoS, and a little brown paper package that turned out to contain a set of ND Make Up fluttery false eyelashes. We were also supplied with sweet little logo-ed cupcakes to eat during the show and teacups of fizzy pear cider to sup. With one’s pinky out, natch.

The show itself was beautiful. The House of Seduction provided the lingerie and accessories which the willowy models wore with ease and confidence. If you’ve not been yet, THoS is a fairly newly opened boutique in Tynemouth. You can either pop in for a casual look around while you’re passing or, if you fancy, you can book the shop and their attentive staff for a private shopping experience or a Champagne & Lingerie party. An excellent way to treat someone special or perhaps as part of a girly hen night celebration. If the undies we saw last night are anything to go by I’d say it was definitely worth a trip.

Once the models had strutted and we’d scrutinised their pants there was a brief interlude as Scarlet Street, a quartet of pretty ladies with a unusual musical style, came out and serenaded us with classics such as Mr Sandman and some more modern favourites. Then the show was over and we were sent on our merry way. Or more truthfully, pointed in the direction of the raucous afterparty, held in the VIP bar at Jalou. This is where it gets maybe a little bit hazy but the Flirtinis were flowing, models and press alike were mingling, and the organisers were looking justifiably pleased with themselves. One thing I know for sure is that a good night was had by all.
Now I just need to sober up properly, shake this martini-fog and ready myself for day 3 of NFW.
To be continued…

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