Redhouse: A Taste For Trendy Pie

The Redhouse website implies that if you’re sick of stupid salads and couscous you will enjoy their pies. I actually quite like a nice big salad and believe that various foods do in fact taste nice with couscous, however much of a dick that may make me, but I can verify that I also very much enjoyed their pies.

Located on Newcastle’s Quayside, Redhouse, though still officially a newcomer on the Tyneside restaurant scene, is earning itself a nice little reputation for being a tasty place. A little bit hipster, maybe a little bit try-hard but a place that serves very traditional and hearty English grub. Thumbs up there then.

You grab a simple multiple-choice menu, then pick your pie, your mash, your peas and your ‘liquor’ for £6.95 or, on a Wednesday, two for £10. We added wine and the bill for 3 people came to an inoffensive £19.50. It wasn’t all smooth sailing however; upon arriving we mistakenly chose the middle door to enter the dingy restaurant and were lost in the labyrinth of tunnels between rooms until a friendly member of staff pointed us in the direction of tables. Watch out for that trap. It was extremely sunny outside and it is very dark inside so allow your eyes to adapt before flailing your arms around for a seat. There’s a distinct gloomy Victorian cellar feel to it. I wouldn’t say this was entirely necessary but, hey, why not? The food was clean and the little paper cup of peas, a pea shot if you will, served to remind us that we were in fact still in 2013.
20130511-064244 PM.jpg
I opted for the steak pie, mature cheddar mash, minted petit pois and the red wine jus while my dining companions tried, between them, the chicken, gammon and leek pie, mustard mash, mushy peas and meat gravy. The pie was excellent, nice pastry (high praise seeing as I don’t even usually like pastry), packed full of big chunks of meat and served on top of lovely smooth mashed potatoes, just the right amount of gravy and the aforementioned pot of peas. We all had a very pleasant time, service was prompt and friendly, the merlot was yummy and the food even better. I certainly hope we soon see a few more ‘specialist’ restaurants cropping up in and around the northeast.

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Apologies for the quality of the snaps. As I said it was very dark inside! Also, second batch of fresh apologies, this time for the fact that the pictures of the pies are half eaten. I’m a terrible blogger and clean forgot to take any when the food first arrived. I was just way too hungry to think about anything other than how to best coordinate my knife and fork.

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