Taking Tea In The Teashed

Last week myself and my favourite Afternoon Tea Buddy (every girl needs one) went along to check out the pop-up teashop in Fenwick’s dept store, Newcastle. I missed the launch bash so was playing catch up a bit. Everything’s feeling so hectic at the moment that now it’s practically becoming a very familiar feeling! I was certainly in dire need of a good old English cup of tea.
Enter the TeaShed. For those who don’t know the TeaShed is a fairly new little North East based company (soon to be celebrating it’s second birthday) that produces a variety of snazzy teas, in little silk tea bags and packaged in über kitsch little labelled paper cups. In fact ‘kitsch’ seemed to be the order of the day when we arrived at the little temporary cafe. We found floral prints and girly colours galore, but I’ll get to those in a minute.

I had actually heard of The Teashed already as they’ve been stocked in Fenwick’s food hall, among other places, for a while now and we have two types of their brews in the tea cupboard at work; Baby It’s Cold Outside tea and Out Of Milk tea. I quite like both, though the Cold Outside tea is maybe a bit too like chai and I find that quite sickly.
The TeaShed brand is the noted business success of a certain Miss Jules Quinn. A North East girl after my own heart, Jules has successfully combined tea, cakes and a neat, clean design and brand. I foresee big things in her future.

Back to the pop-up. We approach a large shed, a literal Tea Shed, and are greeted, seated and menu-ed in no time.
20130503-095934 PM.jpg

20130503-095944 PM.jpg

20130503-100023 PM.jpg

20130503-100036 PM.jpg


20130503-100050 PM.jpg

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20130503-100109 PM.jpg

After some brief reading we opt for the classic Afternoon Tea (£16 for 2) which consists of a selection of Northern Brew tea, Mr Grey and Proper Mint Tea, two choices of sandwiches, scones, jam and cream, loads of tiny little cakes and some fruit. It was smashing. We chose chicken and bacon Caesar and Moroccan spiced salmon sandwiches which I would happily recommend to everyone, ever. The cakes were so perfect and tiny, the giant teapots, chintzy cups and clashing floral patterns made us feel like we’d dropped in on the Mad Hatter’s tea party. I also love the idea of pop-up anythings. Here today, gone tomorrow. Variety is good for people. So thanks again for a lovely afternoon Teashed Ladies!

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