April’s Vintage Glossybox

Oh Glossybox. You’ve been on a bit of a winning streak of late but I’m kind of disappointed by the April 2013 box. Annoyingly all the things in this box are *almost* good. Five decent offerings and new products but none quite meeting the mark. I think the main problem has been colour choices. Which as we all know is the curse of the beauty box.

If you’re still in the dark Glossybox is the leading name in beauty boxes in the UK at the moment. The idea being that you tell them a little bit about you so that each month the lovely Glossybox Team can send you 5 little bottles, sachets and pots of things they think you might like to try, based on your answers to their questionnaire. Lotions, potions, perfume, make up, nail varnish, hair products etc, by new brands and old favourites, all neatly tied up with ribbons and presented in (usually) a signature pale pink box. As I’ve said before you’ll win some and lose some but I reckon it’s worth the gamble and have been a subscriber for a year now. I still love the idea of receiving tiny, posh, gift-wrapped surprise Christmas presents from yourself every month. At a mere £10 which, to be totally honest, is an amount I sometimes spend by accident anyway. Shameful I know.
So now I invest that sad little £10 in Glossybox, in the hope that placing my trust in a group of complete and utter strangers will lead me to my new favourite products without breaking the bank. I have neither the time or the dosh to go seeking out all the new and unknown beauty products to try them all. But how else can we know that we’re using the best products for our faces, hair and bodies, particularly if we’ve been stuck in the same old rut for years? Here the nice chaps at Glossybox HQ step in and take on this ridiculous mission for you.

On the whole I’m always pretty happy with my box and still love the feeling of opening a new box. This box was exciting at first, then disappointing and then that melted into just sort of… lukewarm feelings. Money-wise the April box is good value as, combined, the products totally out value the subscription fee (especially if you’ve signed up for a years subscription). Buying them all separately would definitely cost you more than a measly tenner.

20130505-113107 AM.jpg

This box was not a standard pink one but rather a peach, sketchy ‘vintage’ floral affair designed in collaboration with Pear Lowe. Quite a nice change. I’m now using it to store belts (they’re great for recycling) but originally my box contained a Nip + Fab body butter, A Sun Sense tinted moisturiser, and Essie polish, an Yves Rocher perfume and a Model Co cheek and lip tint.

The Nip + Fab ‘Pistachio Sundae’ Dry Skin Fix Body Butter smelled pretty scrumptious, or as my other half’s son said “like cookies”. It smells so similar to the Laura Mercier Creme De Pistache soufflé. It rubs in nicely and smells tasty all day. And it only looks a little bit like you’re rubbing radioactive slime into your skin. Actually it reminds me of the slime they used to use on old CBBC programs. Get Your Own Back anyone? Perhaps everyone came out of the dunk tank smelling like pistachio with silky smooth skin.20130505-113046 AM.jpg
I think we all know how I feel about perfume samples by now (Just say no!). Needless to say I’m less than impressed by yet another perfume sample, not a particularly swanky one at that. It smells okay and, to be fair, I quite like the fact that this isn’t in a crappy sample bottle but rather a real little perfume bottle.

The Essie polish is where for me, the beauty box misses the mark the most. I want to like it! I really do! Essie polishes aren’t bad quality, there’s a nice colour range, they apply well and, as far as value for money goes, they RRP at around £8 which is most of what you’ve paid for your full box. HOWEVER, and it’s a big one, this bottle is from the new spring collection and I’ve received the lilac one. Lilac. Me. Dammit. It looks lovely on some people. I noticed Fleur (off of FleurDeForce) instagrammed hers recently, saying she wasn’t sure about the colour, but it did actually look really lovely on her. I can’t even swap this with anyone as I don’t know anyone else who would like this. So yeah, winning some, losing some…
20130505-113038 AM.jpg
What’s left? Right, the cheek and lip tint and the tinted moisturiser. Sun Sense are an Aussie brand and, as such, one I’m ready familiar with. This means I find it hard to think of as a high-end luxury product. But I guess part of the joy of Glossybox is that you get to try products that are perhaps not as readily available in England as they are in other countries. I suppose that perhaps a good few of the other subscribers may not have tried Sun Sense. It’s a nice enough product, and diverse because it comes from literally the other side of the earth. I tend not to use a tinted moisturiser or a foundation but if I was going to use one or the other one day it’s more likely to be a good tinted moisturiser than a heavy make up product with full coverage. So I’ve popped this little tube into my ‘Might Come In Handy Later’ bag.
20130505-113053 AM.jpg
Finally the Model Co cheek and lip tint isn’t really something I’d’ve bought either. It’s a nice tint, very, very pigmented and versatile. I hated it on sight. It also dyed the finger I was using to pat in into my face bright neon pink. Then I tried it properly and warmed to it a bit. It’s not as offensive as I originally thought. It blends nicely for a tint. I don’t really like tints though, I prefer a powder. Normally a bronzer, and then a natural balm-ed lip, not hot pink. I’ve had the Benefit versions in the past and eventually rehomed them. But if you’re into this kind of thing it appears that Model Co are indeed up to the job.

20130505-113059 AM.jpg

Glossybox, I still love you and think you’re worth every penny of my £10 but… Lilac? Really? I think we might need to rethink a more in-depth questionnaire. Onwards and upwards for the May box!


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