Choosing Consistency

In my (humble-ish) opinion there’s a lot to be said for sticking with the same sort of products and scents, and thus creating a consistency that becomes identifiable as your own. What you choose to use and put on your body can say a lot about you. I myself have worn the same perfume for nearly 10 years (Calvin Klein’s Euphoria) and as such have allowed it to reflect, and sort of add to, my personality and image. Am I just nuts? No! I refuse to believe I’m the only person who feels like their perfume is a kind of scent-based reflection of them as a person. Weird though that sounds. Don’t worry, I’m fully aware this is a strangely introspective post.

It is however an outright fact that upon meeting someone your many senses are bombarded with information; how do they look? Are they appealing? Are they friendly? Do they appear clean? Do you like them? These questions are all answered by what your eyes, ears and nose are telling you and the overall image you’re making up of them. Even if you’re completely unaware that all of this complex decision-making is going on. I like to feel safe in the knowledge that I am fully in control of how I come across and that I will therefore leave a good impression. I shower daily and always ensure that my clothes are clean. As an extension of that, and a nod to consistency, I use the same detergent and fabric softener that I have used for years, I still use the same Glade plug-in that my house has smelled of since I first moved out aged 18, I wash in primarily coconut scented products and use shower gels and body lotions that match my perfume, and I still spritz on said same perfume that no doubt countless ex-boyfriends would be able to pick out of a crowd. I like that. I like knowing that I’m, in some small way, recognizable. Signature scents, if you’re going to have one, need some serious thought. This is the lingering impression that you will leave someone with. Or am I just oddly picky? Either way it makes it heaps easier for your friends and family to buy you thoughtful and genuinely useful presents!

20130426-104907 AM.jpg

When I find something I like fragrance-wise I tend to go all out. For example the L’Occitane Cherry Blossom scent that I now have in two hand creams and the bath pebbles, and which I am coveting in the shower gel and body lotion. Or the Korres Vanilla Freesia Lychee scent, which now sits on my dressing table in spray form, in my drawer as a lotion and in my shower as a gel…

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I have recently started dabbling with the idea of upgrading from CK Euphoria to Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. It’s basically a more expensive version of Euphoria. Actually it smells so very similar that even my boyfriend commented on the fact. So my taste clearly hasn’t changed as much as maybe I’d just like to progress a bit with age and make sure my perfume is keeping up. I’ve been wearing Euphoria (just the original one mind) since I was 17 and as such can’t really guarantee that it still represents me as well as it perhaps once did. Yet the thought of ceasing to wear a perfume that has seen me through numerous girls nights out, job interviews, romantic nights in, nervous first dates and heart wrenching break ups, makes me feel a little sad and sort of traitorous. Like I’m pretending to be someone else. But I’m not. I just don’t want to get stuck in a rut. And because Viktor & Rolf is far from cheap it’ll certainly be something that I won’t be doing carelessly! Any donations would be welcome. But in all seriousness if I do make the swap and buy a new fragrance I’ll be leaving a part of younger Sarah behind me, that parts for definite.

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