Yes, I really did just title a blog post using a butchered Kelis song lyric. That’s a new low right there. But the subject of this post has perhaps made me go a bit bonkers so it can be excused. Just this once.

Milk_shake hair products have been a well kept industry secret for some time now and are slowly coming out of the salon closet and into the savvy consumers’ bathroom cabinets. Z:One Concept, the people responsible for this range, are an Italian company who sell exclusively to salons and have tried hard to keep it that way. As such you won’t see any Milk_shake products on the shelves of your friendly neighbourhood Boots store.
The range uses all natural ingredients in their products and the main ingredient is milk protein, as the branding would suggest. And the best bit? Oh the best bit. You have literally NO IDEA how good this stuff smells. It’s like Mini Milk ice lollies. It’s like those ice cream flavour Chewitts that existed a few years ago. It’s like milk bottle jellies and.. and… heaven. Okay, I’ve gone too far again but in all seriousness I can’t get enough of the scent of this. Would I want this on my hair, wafting around deliciousness, all day? Hell yes.
I’ve sampled three products from the range; the Conditioning Whipped Cream (from a Glossybox), Active Milk Mask and the Leave In Conditioner( from a FABB Events goody bag). All 3 have left my hair feeling super soft and light. I’ve noticed no stickiness and weight. I’m very impressed. I’ve just placed an order for the shampoo and conditioner too. These are great products that get the Sarah Seal of Approval and I reckon this is a great unique branding point. One to watch as I predict we’ll see this range go from strength to strength as more and more people start to hear about, and get a whiff of, these hair treats.

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