Butters and Balms

I seem to be hoarding lip stuff. Not on purpose. I haven’t made some sort of crazy decision to collect lip balms and butters. Even I’m not that unhinged. I keep just acquiring them and then holding on to them. Glossybox has been a chief source, also gift sets, some are presents off friends and my boyfriend (such an enabler) will occasionally buy me one.

I do get very dry lips , most likely due to the sorry excuse for British summer and miserable English winters, and as a result I use rather a lot of products, on a practically hourly basis, that promise to magically rectify the problem. I’m not much of a lipstick wearer but I rarely leave the house without slicking on something neutral to protect my lips from the elements and I apply a little something each night before bed too. I thought I’d take advantage of this accidental stash and review all the ones I find in my handbag and bedside drawer, whilst also using the opportunity to have a bit of a sort out. There’s just a few I’m sure…


I’ve had a few of these Lush lip scrubs over the years. This one is Bubblegum and smells a bit like the Snow Fairy/Rockstar candy smelling products that Lush casually sell to unsuspecting customers like they’re not hideously addictive and utterly dreamy in every way. This is primarily made of sugar and food colouring so it tastes fantastic. You’re supposed to rub it into your lips to remove dead skin (standard ‘scrub’ etiquette there then) and then lick it off. It’s pretty messy so don’t do it in public or you’ll look like you’ve just scoffed a donut and left it all over your face. I use it before bed. Like a little bedtime snackette… Not really.

This Coconut lip butter by The Body Shop was something Mr SB bought me in the airport in MalĂ© because he’s lovely. The butter’s lovely too. Very moisturising, although it does have a bit of a white tinge which can make me look a bit like I’ve been putting concealer on my lips like a teenage chav. It smells and tastes yummy though. Can’t go wrong with coconut.

I’ve already mentioned my EOS balms here and here so I’ll move swiftly on from there lest I start repeating myself. What else? There’s a new one here I found in my free swag bag from the FABB events bash the other week. This is a Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast and smells/tastes like ice lollies. It’s nice and has a great fresh taste. Even the 10 year old boy sitting next to me likes it. (He’s my other half’s son, not just a strange child in my house.) So that must be some kind of special seal of approval. It’s also very moisturising. No big surprise really, it being Blistex. They know what they’re doing.

20130421-094335 PM.jpg

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Lip Butter is currently my favourite lip product. It’s working for me on so many levels. It’s a skin care brand I know and trust, it’s reasonably priced (although I received this as a gift off a thoughtful friend), it smells and tastes amazing and it has a lovely shiny lip gloss texture without being sticky. Sold! Honestly though, it really does have the tastiest flavour. Go buy it, go now!


There’s the Burt’s Bees one I’ve discussed recently here and old Aussie favourite PaPaw Ointment which you can find here. This Figs & Rouge balm is quite nice. It’s 100% organic and feels very nice on the lips. The packaging is cute and it’s a handy size that you’d barely notice in a bag. This particular pot came from an old Glossybox and is Rambling Rose flavour. Not my favourite. You know I’m not a fan of rose scented stuff as it just tastes like old ladies to me. But it’s a nice product.

This is an embarrassingly old Vaseline pot I’ve just found at the back. This is a classic slimy Vaseline product, with a faint pink tint but not too obvious. It’s Rose & Almond oil flavour which explains why I stopped using it. I’ve also got a Soft Lips stick in Vanilla that my Mum sent me from Down Under Land and a Lush Snow Fairy balm (above) that I bought because I LOVED the smell but it turns out it’s a strong lip stain too and the colour is bright pink. Not too wearable. I had Maple Taffy flavour Lush lip balm too which was nice. It tasted like maple syrup and pancakes and mmmm. I wonder where that one is now…


Last but not least this All For Eve ‘Eve’s Balm’. An “easily absorbed recovery balm to nourish and protect dry chapped skin” with a little mirror in the lid. This is a clear balm and one of my favourites to apply before bed and it really does seem to have a nice effect. However this is another rose scented one and I’m not keen on the taste. All for Eve products were created for The Eve Appeal charity, raising funds and awareness for gynaecological cancer research. 100% of their profits go direct to the appeal and the fund aims to reduce the deaths caused by gynaecological cancer by half. Not bad for a lip balm.



I think that’s it for lip products. I’m starting to see that maybe I do have a bit of a problem and have decided to either throw or give away anything I haven’t used/am no longer using first thing tomorrow. Maybe all the giving that The Eve Appeal are doing has gone to my head. Having said that, I’ll probably have a whole load more lip products by this time next year. I’ll see you then for another mass review.


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